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How to not be bored?

Asked by mayratapia_ (368points) August 24th, 2010 from iPhone

Since I’m not 18 yet, I don’t own a car nor a license, I can’t really go ANYWHERE, what is a good way to spend my time?Any input is highly appreciated considering the immensity of my boredom.

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Ask someone to take you to the library and you can stock up on some reading books for a few weeks?
Play some online games, or get puzzle books to keep your brain busy. :)
Build puzzles?
Get a crafty hobby.

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Well, let’s see—You could read, write, volunteer time to a worthwhile organization, start a business, study and become very knowledgeable about a subject that interests you…

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I would suggest walking to your local library and having a look either at the books or the check out assistants. It is important that you walk.

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How far are you from the library? You can get a lot of ideas of what would grab your interest there. if there are computers there, you can test your aptitude, and see what you can make a living from, for example.

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The closest library is about 2 miles from my house/:

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music lessons. you could be the next rock star. seriously.

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You cannot train yourself to not be bored. I have a friend who once entertained herself for half an hour with a penny. Everybody has a different attention span. Some of us can find entertainment and stimulation in more areas than others, for varying lengths of time. The best you can do is figure out where your interests lie and pursue them.

I can tell you that I live at home, do not drive, do not have a job, and have been home for the majority of my summer – I have rarely been bored.

The Internet alone is a vast well of information and connectivity (and since you are here on Fluther, I assume you have Internet access.) It’s easy to search your interests and connect with others who share your interests if you know where to look :)

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That is no problem. If you were 81 maybe but 18. Who are you kidding. What are you going to do when the oil runs out??

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Check out StumbleUpon There are always things of interest there.

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I had the same problem as you,but try to have fun by pranking people,hehehe

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Go biking, call some friends up that have cars, read, draw…. look on google, “what to do when i’m bored”.... the list is endless!

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Are there any busses where you live? Do you own a bike?

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Do what I do: Make a list of things that need to be done around the house. Then you’ll think of a ton of other things to do so you won’t get to them.

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@Shadling21, there’s a bus that takes the little kids to school, & I own no bike, unfortunatly.

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Oh, here’s something that I recently started doing to kill time and also make money: selling my old toys and stuff on Kijiji. It’s fun to take a trip down memory lane sometimes.

You could also try some arts – writing, painting, music-making. Planning and cooking meals can be fun, too.

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What about public transportation? With the bus, the world is your oyster.

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Try IQ tests or puzzles/games like someone suggested above. You either own a computer or you have accesss to one. So, the world is yours, if your computer skill is okay, I think.

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Is there a reason you can’t walk to the library? If you are physically impaired there may be community resources for transportation, not only to the library, but all over your area. Might be worth checking into. If you are not impaired,and it’s not unsafe, then walk it. I’m an out of shape middle aged mommy and I can do 2 miles without breaking a sweat.

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City transportation? Bus? Subway?

(what Marina said)

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You can scope around online to learn more about things that interest you. Try Google or Bing. I found long lost family members, ways to hop up my Acura, gadget news that way.

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Dig around inside your mind and just think about things.

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Buy a bike to help get around.

Get a part time job or under the table work ya know yard work, baby-sit,etc.

Try to find a YMCA or community type stuff or even volunteer maybe if you can reach it.

Find a hobby or interest and pursue it, improve upon it.

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Get a really nice notebook and start writing things as your mind wanders. You’ll look back even just months later and be inspired by some random thought that you hardly remembered.

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I think I’ll try doing that, lurve for you.

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Clean your closet out. Start on college applications.

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Um… Tear it up? Raise the roof?

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