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Could you be mayor?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) August 24th, 2010

are you an organizer? a visionary? what things have you done that could make you mayor of your town or village? grassroots stuff? popularity?

whatever you did, it got honorable mention in the newspaper, at the job, on the block. remember block club parties? it was something you did that nobody else wanted to do, but you were first and it just blew up!

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I couldn’t be any type of politician, I have a tendency to tell the truth too much.

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@Blackberry just that would get my vote.

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No, have no desire to be a mayor or any political figure. @Blackberry and i think a like!

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Of munchkinland? Sure.

I have no desire to lead anything. My family is enough. ;)

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No, because being a pleaser, I would want everybody to be happy, which is impossible in politics, government and life.

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No…being mayor would require interacting with fidgety Alderman….I am much more suited to be King.

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If they can do it.Why not I? I would sure love to have my chance.

I mean really when I hear people say they would never be in a leader position of that type, because of lies,2 facing, and general corruption if you will, saddens me.

Because those are the people that should be there.

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@Steve_ you get my vote. if you have ideas and vision, you could be a mayor. politics comes later. it’s about integrity and values.

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@charliecompany34 I don’t know what I can really do as mayor but 5 ideas I have right off the bat.

*Require minimum wage to have standards and statistics to determine it and depending on the current economy and job ratios
*Have cash incentitves/tax breaks to companies who help “go green.”
*Promote equailty, and support gay marriage.We live in the year 2010,not 1910. Lets act like it.
*Bring up issues on proper taxing brackets of varying incomes on people.
*Try to fund more infrastrucute and less out sourcing.

Just remember I’m just some 19 year old kid who does not know diddle squat but hey you did ask. ;)

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I could be mayor of a tiny town or village. I remember in the early 80s hearing about some 10 or 12 year old kid that managed to get elected mayor of some tiny town. He went to school full time and after school he did mayoral stuff. If some kid not old enough to vote for himself could be the mayor, I could too.

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I found the link to the kid mayor. It was driving me nuts. Ha! He won by a landslide—23 out of 30 votes!

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@keobooks That is a really cool story, thanks for sharing! :)

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I’d have to give up my soul a whole bunch, so no.

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I could be mayor…. but I think that anyone who voted for me may wind up being taken into custody and placed in a psychiatric facility.

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I could be, but I would never want to be.
So no, I couldn’t, wouldn’t, ever be.

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If Sarah Palin can pull it off, I’m a shoe-in. I think that’ll be my campaign slogan.

“Kolinahr for Mayor – ‘cause she’s even better than Palin”. Ooh, the right-wingers would just eat that up, and the left wingers might even get that it’s a joke.

Though, really, in my city the Mayor is a basically powerless figurehead, used to distract blame away from the police force and shoddy public school system. Really… what does a mayor do, anyway?

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Like @Steve_A, it saddens me that the best people for the job(s) often don’t run. I think I’d be a good mayor. I wouldn’t be very politically savvy, but I’d do my damnedest to do the right thing for the people I’d serve, even if it meant making a lot of people upset. Which means I probably wouldn’t get reelected.

Getting into small time politics is something I’ve actually considered. If only I didn’t have all these skeletons in my closet.

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It depends what I’m gonna be a mayor for. I could have great ideas towards things, but I’m not that interested in trying to run a community or whatever.

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