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What makes you think "I'm too young for this"?

Asked by MacBean (19522points) August 24th, 2010

Earlier today I realized how “old and crotchety” I’m getting. I’m only 26! But with the way my temper/attitude/state of mind has been lately, I think I ought to just get the transition over with and ask for a rocking chair and a garden hose for Christmas so I can sit out on the front porch and chase kids off my damn lawn.

What habits/attitudes do you display that make you seem/feel older than you really are?

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I’m ready for bed by 9pm Saturday night. :/

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Getting winded after a brisk walk . Granted I have asthma and it has gotten worse over the years, but I just feel like I’m too young to get winded the way I do.

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I hate trying to converse with men or women my age and being disappointed because they seem to not care about anything except cracking jokes. I’ll bring up some current event and they don’t even know about it or brush it off like it’s not even real. They don’t like to talk about things. I don’t want a drawn out discussion, just some opinions and insights and they can’t even form any.

Also the way guys act if we’re out at a club or something. I feel like a dad taking his kids out.

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Slalom water skiing wiping out and actually getting hurt….bad. I am getting too old for that! NOT!!

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Loll…well… There are many days that i never leave my house. Also, i go to bed early every nite. Well, almost every nite. Plus, i’m having body joints replaced. i could be the next bionic man.

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The harder it gets to lose the belly fat, the more I think about my age.

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When I get excited to play a good ol’ round of Bingo. =b

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It’s not a habit, but taking medication made me feel older. It didn’t help that the doctor who wrote my prescription kept worrying over the dosage level and the possibility of dependence whilst shaking her head and saying, “But you’re so young!”

I’m always “the Planner.” I ask people so many questions it gets on their nerves. People don’t want to be reminded that they should always carry a personal emergency kit in their pocket or asked whether they remembered to print out two sets of directions.

Many people consider me a fuddy-duddy for not joining their nights out. I prefer to spend my nights at home.

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I’m reading this like a 5-year-old looking up at you all with big, round eyes and a dripping ice cream cone, thinking “What are they even talking about? I’m gonna go watch teevee.” ;)

I look at some of the people I socialize with and realize I could have babysat them, and not that long ago, or even have been a parent to some of them, not only biologically, but at a socially-acceptable age as well, and think, “No. No. Really? I’m too young, surely.” Nope.

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Plucking out my little grey hairs.

There are too many!

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I left a party early last night because I had work the next morning.
I pay for most of my own food now. (I’m 16)
I have a lot more self-initiative and sense of self than I did only a year ago.

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You’re never too young to be old and crotchety.

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I’m too young to be so worn out after work that I can’t spend three more hours after work busting my butt doing something very physical, be it playing volleyball or remodeling a house. After work I just want to collapse instead of keep on going and I wonder what happened to me!

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I often forget my age (43) until an odd day comes about when I swing my legs off the bed to get up in the morning and have no explanation as to why my body hurts so bad.

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Nothing, I guess.

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When I am down on the floor for some reason, it’s much harder to get back up!


I swim a lot and I’m very active, so energy is never a problem with me. As a matter of fact, I am in better shape now than when I was in my teens. And I’m a parent to two young children too. I think if you act and think young, you stay young.

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im 23 and pulled my back just standing, that made me feel old.

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When bending over to pick something up seems like work. I started to use the phrase back in my day.

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When people born in the ‘90s seem soooo young.
Course, I was born in ‘88.

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Fibromyalgia (lupus?). I am way too young to feel this damn bad. :(

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There is an alternative and we all know it’s not good. This morning my friend of 45 years, his wife died while they were vacationing in Greece. I introduced him to her. Died suddenly. No details. I’m in shock.

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@BoBo1946 I’m sorry to hear that. :(
And you’re right, whatever we are dealing with, it definitely beats the alternative.

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Thank you Augustlan and Frenchfry…i’m in total shock. Their dream trip…and this. Life is not always fair.

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@BoBo1946 I’m so sorry to hear that. A good friend of the family had something like this happen to her a few years ago. Her husband had a heart attack on the plane ride home from a family cruise celebrating their son’s wedding. She took comfort in the fact that her husband died at a moment of great happiness. (((hugs)))

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@jonsblond thank you and the hugs were even more appreciated…and very needed. Take care.

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@jonsblond: If I had three kids and your husband, I’d be ready for bed before 9pm every day. ♥

@Blackberry: It’s really disappointing how little people of all ages care about current events. :(

@muppetish: I forgot about medication… I’m definitely too young to need a pill organizer! And I recently had to graduate to a bigger one with AM and PM sections for each day. Urgh! Not cool.

@jjmah: Don’t pluck the grey! Grey is sexy. :D

@Simone_De_Beauvoir: Lucky. ♥

@Frenchfry: Oh, man, the first time I caught myself saying “Back in my day” when I wasn’t trying to be ironic…? haha! What an eye-opener.

@BoBo1946: I’m really sorry for your loss. :( [lots of hugs] Reminds me of another thing for this list, though. I bet no matter how old you are when it happens, the first time a friend dies for a reason that isn’t something like suicide or a vehicular accident, everybody thinks they’re too damn young to be experiencing that.

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@MacBean thank you friend. Take care and very appreciative your comments!

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Only leaving the house 2x a week. Forcing myself to shower @ 9pm because I’m soooo sleepy. Loving peace and quiet to the point of jumping when a dog barks.
I hope to feel better when it gets out of the 90’s outside.

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My body being as bad and unreliable as it is makes me think that I’m too young for this shit. Wanting to get married; I truly believe I’m too young for it. I was so ready a year ago (or so I thought).

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Collapsing after going to three grocery stores. I feel like I’ve been walking uphill for days. Up and down aisles, heavy cart, push to parking lot, unload . Drive to next store. Park, up and down aisles with cart, carry food to car, unload. But they don’t have my cereal so I drive ten miles, get the cereal and a few other things, put in trunk, drive home and start unloading.
I wonder how I’ll get out of this chair? Or keep my eyes open?

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Update on Francis. She died Monday. Her body is presently on an island near Greece. They would not accept credit cards, checks, etc. Only cash. Who has that much money on them…After they get their money, they will release Francis’ body. Maybe, they will release her body next Thurs. Talked to Glenn this morning for the first time. His clothes and cell phone arrived last night. I’m going up to spend a couple of days with him next week. He was not doing very good. Certainly understandable.

ALSO, like this was not enough. My s/o’s niece died yesterday. Meagan was 24 years old. She was working on her master’s degree from the Univ. of Iowa. She had lung cancer and Meagan had never smoked. Life is not always fair.

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@MacBean , @augustlan , @Frenchfry and @jonsblond thank you for your kind comments. They were much needed.

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I am so sorry your ladyfriend’s niece died; so very young! And a non-smoker?? Terrible. I hope your GF is doing ok, boo. I guess she’s really sad. Hope she feels better. Best Wishes, A.

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@Aster thank you my friend…been a tough week for everyone!

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@BoBo1946 I’m so sorry for all this tragedy happening in your life right now.

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Thank you for you kind comment Wilma!

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@BoBo1946 Oh, I’m so sorry.

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@Dutchess_III thank you my young sweet friend!

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My mother’s battle with cancer that she is still fighting.

It makes me feel far too young and incredibly old.

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