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Can you tell me where "The Hawk" (Ronnie Hawkins) is playing?

Asked by ftp901 (1315points) August 24th, 2010

Please add any details you know about where Ronnie Hawkins may be playing. It’s difficult to find info about where he is playing because he only plays small festivals and such.

This guy:

Not this guy:

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My guess he is pretty much retired….his web site last updated in 2007 and has no current news or tour dates. It did say he was recently battling pancreatic cancer.

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Didn’t he play in Atlanta following a couple of All-Star seasons in Phoenix?

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Don’t believe the rumours…the hawk beat cancer a while back. One of the reasons it’s hard to find info is that it’s never updated on his website. I know he’s done some shows this summer but it wasn’t on his site. Anyhow, please report any upcoming gigs you hear of here.

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Ronnie Live! Thursday, August 12, 2010 at Dog’s Nest at Dover.
Ronnie Live! Saturday, Oct. 25 at Laurentian University

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