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Where is the best place to hide that "extra key"?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 24th, 2010

All of us have a special location to hide an extra key to the front or back door. Needless to say, “under the mat” is not a safe place, although many people still use this location. All of us are different and all of us have invented that special hiding place for an emergency house key. One of my locations is inside a garden hose. Question: how inventive are you at hiding your emergency house key? Would you care to share some examples?

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If I tell you, it won’t be a secret hiding place anymore.

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We keep our extra house key in the barn.
Getting into the barn without its key is an interesting task.

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I’m certainly not going to tell anyone where mine is but attaching a self-adhesive magnet to the key increases the number of places on your property where you can stash it. It gives you more options, should you perhaps want to hide it somewhere that will hold a magnetized object. That’s all I’m saying.

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I figured that since none of know where each of us lives, that giving an answer would not be a problem. if its too personal, how about some suggestions?

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I don’t have a spare key hidden anywhere.

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Two words: combination lock.

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I actually don’t have a spare hidden anywhere. I usually carry 2 keys with me. I know I know, a lot of good that will do me if my purse is lost. So if I lose my keys and husband is not home….umm, I’m just SOL!

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I keep my spare house key hidden inside my garage.
I keep the garage door secured with a combination lock so that no key is needed to get inside the garage.

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I locked myself out of the house enough times to convince me I needed to hide a key outside. I keep it in the garage because I CAN’T lock myself out of that.

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On my German Shepherd Dog’s neck ;)

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Would you believe that our extra key is hanging up on the key hook inside the house. I guess that defeats the whole purpose

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There is no best place @john65pennington! In looking for that great hiding spot for my key, I now have found stashed keys at my last two house I lived in.

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on a hook on the underside of a wicker table on the front porch.

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@Hawkeye That’s a good plan in case of fire, then you don’t have to hunt around for your keys before dying of smoke inhalation but not really a good plan for having locked yourself out of the house.

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I keep my key in the Johndeer Lawnmower that does not work any more.

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On the lip of the door frame above the garage door.

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Under a fake rock.

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i dont have one…..but i guess i need one.

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I keep an extra set at my dads house. He lives up the street.

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Like @ChazMaz i keep my spare key at my parents house who live 5 minutes walk away.

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It used to be in a combination lock box bolted to the brick wall on the house. I have a sneaking suspicion that it went to Goodwill in the pocket of some clothes that were given away a year ago.

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Lucy, suppose you dog ran away, then what?

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Hawkeye, go right now and find a unique, safe hiding place for your extra key. inside your house is not a safe place. i bet you just realized this, correct?

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@john65pennington -Looks like I’m moving! ;)

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