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I would like to know more about Rearview Glasses....?

Asked by shniernan (981points) August 24th, 2010

So I’m all about uniqueness. Something different. And this might surprise you, but I JUST found out about rearview glasses. They’re perfect. I think they might just pass up spray cheese as best invention. :) joking.

Anyways, the only ones I have seen are like cheap $5 ones that look really cheesy, or really thin FBI ones. Neither really fit my personality. I really just want some rearviews that are inconspicuous, stylish, and around $35. Can anyone help me out?

These are pretty cool, and basically meet the guidelines:

Thanks so much for any and all feedback, I’m counting on you Fluther, to do the impossible!

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Uhm… well, the ones for sale on your link are 25$ Plus 6.25$ shipping. Does that sound about right?

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Lily, you took the letters write off my screen! With shipping, he’s about right with his budget. They accept credit cards and paypal. Next question! :)

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I guess I am out of fashion, I have never heard about it. Ever. But whatever floats your boat.

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@MissA and @lillycoyote – I know it fits the description pretty well, I put it up there as my top choice so far. Something for you guys to top, because you’re awesome like that. And I don’t wanna sound picky but those glasses are red, which i kinda hate, and i don’t like em. I just wanted to see if anyone had any better ideas, usually people come up with EXACTLY what i was looking for. I don’t know how….

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Dear @shniernan

While I certainly appreciate your confidence in us, your confidence that somewhere among us, that somewhere in the fluther community there is an expert on rearview glasses, that there is someone here who would be more than willing and able to step forward to help you but I’m just not sure that’s going to actually happen so… here are some links re: rearview glasses; none of them are red; I’ve made sure of that. With this I have given you my best and I wish you luck and a most positive outcome. Perhaps someone can do more for you, but I have given you my all.



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@lillycoyote – Thank you so much for your help and opinions. I really appreciate it.But I think I’ll look a little deeper into this rabbit hole. I’m glad you took the shovel for a while!

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@shniernan Just for future reference, if there is shit to be shoveled about 70% of the time I will show up with shovel in hand and a smile on my face. The other 30%? 20% of the time I won’t show up, won’t bother at all and about 10% of the time I will show up cranky and armed for bear. Just thought you should know. :-) Welcome to fluther.

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@lillycoyote I wish that I could shower you in lurve for your answer. For some, you may as well be speaking in code.

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Well… This gets more interesting as it goes on. O.o Not only the answers but the results. I’ve found three more that should be easy to eliminate.




So the first one is from china. I really don’t want to deal with that. The second one is very cool. They look like very…. I dunno i llike em. And the last ones are really awesome. Now I just need to see which is easier to get to me…. I live in california. But I think that’s for me to figure out.

Thanks for the help and…. awesome comments. :D I appreciate it.

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