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What is the best search engine?

Asked by displaced_angel (4points) August 24th, 2010

is it better to search in google or bing, or somewhere else?

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It honestly depends what you are doing. I think Google is, but they own a lot of my life too.

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What do you mean by best? returns the most relevant results?

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most relevant, yes- to find better/more accurate results. Does it just depend on the topic?

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Bing or Google will have great search results. It honestly is a user preference and which interface you feel more comfortable using.

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Google. I found Bing to be clunky and incorrect – the opposite of the “intuition” it claims to have. And all the others have so much crap in their design it’s hard to tell where to look for your results.

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Google, Google, Google. Hands down.

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It is worth spending the time to learn how to search. Play with and see how they format searches.

I want to search Fluther where Allie and I both posted and someone mentioned burrito and bear and chip. Seems odd… But google with the right query will find it.

Most searches are good. Learn how to use them. And click in that link to see what is queried.

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I’ve used a few but find i always get better results from Google

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Google seems to be less crap-laden than the others. I’m an extensive user of Archivenet, but it’s not structured for general use.

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Google is by far, the best. When access to the internet was still new, I used to use Dogpile, which is still great. But by using Dogpile, I realized that Google always had the best results (since Dogpile lists the top results of various engines). Since then, Google has always stayed way ahead of the others.

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Same with Kraigmo. I used to use dogpile which compiled results from different search engines. Unfortunately now google is the best, and I am growing to hate them more and more every day as they become increasingly more evil. It terrifies me how much information they have about me, too.

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