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How much did the dumbest or stupidest mistake in your life cost you?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) August 24th, 2010

Think of all the time from now back to high school graduation, what did the dumbest or stupidest mistake you made and what did it cost you? Did it cost you more in relationships, time or money? My dumbest mistake cost me tens of millions of dollars and to this day I am kicking myself in the **** for it.

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It cost me freedom, schooling, and a life of my own.

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Going to the pricey private, more elite college where I had a 50% scholarship instead of the still well-regarded public school where I had scholarships that paid over 90% of all costs. the naivete of youth…I just wanted to go to the highest ranked school and didn’t think of the consequences of being in debt. Luckily, even though I didn’t think so at the time I dropped out and have minimized this mistake by going to a public school but I still have plenty of debt to show for my stupidity.

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The last words my dad said to anyone was “I love you” to me. At that moment he was being transferred to the ICU, I was so scared, and he was reaching out for me to come close to him. I was freaked out. I was so scared. I didn’t. I had no idea that after that he would be on life support, like a veggie for 5 months. Dumbest mistake I ever made. What did it cost me? A chance to comfort my dad. To make him feel better in a time where he must of been so scared. It cost alot.

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I went from a $6,000 surplus to $10,000 of debt when I married a woman I knew for 5 months. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I’ll never trust blind faith and infatuation ever again.

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I was the sole owner of a successful clothing store. I closed it down after my dad passed to take care of my family. It costed me my livelihood.

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Watching someone walk away was a mistake. I didn’t think it would be the last time we spoke.

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It cost me ever feeling truly safe.

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Standing on top of a vehicle trying to spot the gun instead of taking cover like a sane person. This bit of stupidity almost cost me my right arm, possibly my life.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Spotting your own gun or a shooter in Iraq? 8–0

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@Hypocrisy_Central Spotting the bad guy’s for an air strike. Our gunships couldn’t see it from the air. The bad guys got me, but then Spooky scattered their shit to the wind.

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It set me back by at least 10–15years, curbed my progress, almost lost my sanity, deprived me of precious family time, set me against people I love, set me back financially, lost my confidence and generally made me miss out on very productive years. It left me almost alone and counting wasted time which will never come back.

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Being quiet and hiding my emotions for a guy cost me a shot at “true” happiness.

<—Can be an idiot from time to time.

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Mine was a doozy and at the time cost me almost all the money I had in the bank to pay for the high priced lawyer….oh yeah and what’s his name ex-friend I will never ever see again or I will probably kill him who dragged me into his little problem.

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Cost me half a years salary.

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Only back to high school graduation?

Hm… Probably when my husband and I let my 18 year old good for nothing brother move in my house for a while.

It cost me a window, several rare and valuable videos, a few rare record albums, and hundreds of dollars in gas money, food, etc. Not to mention the emotional turmoil, stress, etc.

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I don’t view anything in my life as a ‘mistake.’

Only as growth inducing lessons. :-)

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My marriage, break up cost me almost £130,000 all told, after splitting it all down the middle!
Should never have Married the bitch…...... Big mistake…

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Same here, only it was my ex husband.
To quoate Dorothy parker,.....’ leave it to me to put all of my eggs in one bastard!’ lololol

But what price freedom ey?

I have said I would have chewed off my own leg to get out of that marriage. hahaha

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Bad car accident, horrible lawsuit, five years of anxiety and fear.

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$300. Other more expensive mistakes that cost me were committed by others against me.

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my mortality… education… and friendships… and sanity…my good credit… my family

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Yeah, she only got some money…. Big deal.
I got my sanity back, she just got further in to debt…. Ya live & learn. ;-)
I got the Cat :-)

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My home, most of my belongings, a few friends, my job and me having to move away from the city I was in. A decade later I’m finally at a point in my life to have have a good relationship with a future I want to invest in and I know have the desire to rebuild a bit of what I lost.

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Yes, I got the pets too! What else is there? lol

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I would have said my credit rating, Lol.. But to hell with that… If I never see another credit card again, that would be too soon :-/

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Hahaha..well, I’m the eternal optimist..sooo, much easier to rebuild your credit rating on the outside of an insane asylum. lolol ;-) ( Humor is everything! )

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Lol ;-)
yeah very true….I’ve been free for ten years now, I guess that’s why the banks are back on the phone, Lol… either that or they’ve been peeking under my floorboards, :-/

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@Hypocrisy_Central I’m sorry to hear about that but can you imagine how many people would give their eye tooth to be able to say, “I lost tens of millions of dollars?” If my daughter loses ten bucks she’s depressed all day. I hope you have a few mil left, anyway. lol

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I didn’t realize they were mistakes at the time…or maybe I didn’t realize what the cumulative add up of the mistakes would cost us but….it took my Mom from us.

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