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If you lost everything would it be easier to take if it was nature or cuased by a human?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) August 24th, 2010

What is a bigger loss, losing something to natural disaster or human error or intention? If you lose everything you own, your home for example, because of flood or tornado or some natural occurrence is it easier to stomach than knowing your home was lost to fire because someone in the next condo did something to cause the fair or another home owner was negligent with a BBQ or something? If there is someone who could be blamed does it make the loss harder, than if it was just nature?

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Nature would be easier

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Nature would be easier, but I’d still be kicking myself over it depending on what happened. If someone else caused me to love everything, I’d be bitter about the situation.

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Nature for sure. I’d be SO angry at a person for having done that and will most likely carry that anger around for a long time, which will not be good for me obviously. I can’t really be angry at nature…just sad.

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Nature for sure, it’s out with someone’s hands and blame doesn’t lie with an individual. If someone had intentionally taken everything from me, i’d be irate and wouldn’t be responsible for my actions as @NaturallyMe said i’d just be sad if nature caused it.

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Nature for sure. I lost my other half because of the carelessness of another person. I imagine it as a big plate of food. I’m just sitting there staring at it getting sick. I’m thinking to myself “Oh God, How am I going to do this?” I haven’t even begun to get to the root of it. I’m just..sitting! :/

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I would stand a better chance for insurance to cover more of my loss had it been human error than natural “act of God” forces.

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Nature would be easier because I would really want to kick someone ass if they burnt down my house. Nature there is nobody to kick.

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Nature and human accidents are ok it’s when somebody lights a match to your home that makes me sick.

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When nature strikes then it is just C’est la vie. When some fool is to blame then it is time for me to strike! HA!

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Nature most certainly.

I have already experienced losing everything in a divorce 8 years ago.

Ex hid assets, drug out the legal processes for 5 years, causing me to rack up thousands upon thousands in legal fees.

I have rebuilt my life nicely, but I’d have rather had a herd of Buffalo stampede through my house during a hurricane. lol

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I’m not sure if I could handle it either way.

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Nature, for sure, it would be harder to recover if I had to cope as well with the knowledge that it was purposely inflicted by another person or group of people.

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If you were on of those people in San Bruno who lost their homes in a massive fire ball, even if you got away could you be happy or the fact that it was a PG&E line the blew point blame at the company and not just “something that happened”?

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S—t happens, sometimes there is no one to blame.

Providing power and gas to gazillions of customers, I mean, really, one unfortunate unfolding but people need to be aware that things do go wrong on occasion whether it is a botched surgery, a car repair gone wrong or a blown gas line.

Humans are not infallible, it just is what it is, an accident.

I am sure the companies insurance will make amends and of course, there will be lawsuits, hey, what an OPPORTUNITY!

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