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I'm curious, with some of the new (newish) jellies, I'm not sure if you're male or female. Care to share this bit of info?

Asked by Jude (32134points) August 24th, 2010

Even with a few of the jellies who’ve been around for awhile; I couldn’t tell you if they’re male or female.

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I have a penis.

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I pee standing up.

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I have a penis and I pee sitting down… But I have to clean my own bathroom.

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I like giving answers. Besides, it is 3:34 in the am and I can’t sleep.

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I am a girl. (the user name “bitch” might have been misunderstood)

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I am a lady and new to this Fluther.

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Officially a guy.

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I had thought my picture would be a give away but it turns out that it isn’t, always. So, I’m a guy.

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Female here. Jon is my husband’s name.

@Dog I’ve often wondered if I should have called myself @jonsbitch instead. ;)

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Female here.

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For me, once a month, I am tempted to rip out my uterus and feed it to a pack of hungry wolves.

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@jjmah Ouch.
I’m female.

KatawaGrey's avatar

I’m a female!

I think everyone knows that but I felt I should clarify anyway. Then again, there are a few well-known jellies who I thougt were the opposite sex for te longest time…

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What isn’t clear about Penguin?

iphigeneia's avatar

My picture is a pink hat shaped like a cake and my username is clearly a girl’s name. In this case, if you made a judgement based on stereotypical gender profiles, you would be correct.

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@jjmah, I thought you knew. Or am I not newish? Hehehehe. Newish. That’s funny. Why don’t we start a religous/political/social group? We can be Newish. We can hold services online all day everyday and we can all agree to disagree about something. Wait….

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I’m a big beleiver in Nudaism.

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And i believe in beards.

janbb's avatar

@zen_ I really do know how to spell “believe” – just my fingers don’t.

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I’m a dude.

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I’m not a dude.

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^not a donkey either.^

wilma's avatar

Always a woman.

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I have a tiny penis.

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(I’m waiting for cprevite to come in and let us all know that he possesses a “schlong”. It’ll come)

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@jjmah ya; just like that. ;)

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sorry t’ hear that @AstroChuck

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I say I’m a female, but I’m actually some fat dude scratching my balls. I’m also in in prison.

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@Symbeline Must be a good prison… I mean, you have a computer and internet access. You must be a… dun na na WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL!!!

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@boots I’m one of the guards. ’‘Strokes baton’’

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@Symbeline lolphallicsymbols

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@jjmah “A “schlong”. It’ll come”? Why yes, I should think so.

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@wilma- Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for my wife.

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^^ Haha!

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Of course to be fair, I am only six. How big should it be?

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My profile says it all it all….

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Female-ish. Though not newish.

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@AstroChuck Keep us posted and let us know when your balls drop.

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Or when you get some. ;-)

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Hey guys, don’t be mean to the little kid with the little….

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@AstroChuck : “Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for my wife”. That goes without saying. You are cute though, so perhaps that makes up for it.

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I am so sorry @parrothead. You have been quite the trouper to put up with @AstroChuck,‘s er, um, shortcomings.

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I’m a lady…most of the time

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@AstroWilly: like your eyeballs, it won’t grow anymore. Sorry.

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Check out Photobucket.

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