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Where is the login button on the front page?

Asked by chocolatechip (3004points) August 25th, 2010

I can’t seem to find it, if it exists at all.

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It’s right here above the Community Feed!

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Never mind. Sorry. Can’t post without logging in and when I’m logged in the link to the log in in the upper right hand corner doesn’t show up. Catch 22.

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I swear that wasn’t there before. I mean, there was a black box with text fields, but it was for registrations, not log in! I know this because I keep entering my details in the fields thinking it’s a log-in box there but it redirects me to the registration page. And that’s not because I entered my details incorrectly, because it doesn’t redirect you if that happens, it just gives you a little red message.

What witchery is this??

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@chocolatechip ahhh! Yeah. You mean this? See the bit at the top where it says “Already a member?”. Look right under that :)

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Well I knew about that, but what I was looking for was something already on the main page so you don’t have to click a link to go to a separate login page which apparently did not exist until now.

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