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How to automatically post to twitter from an excel sheet?

Asked by albert_e (529points) August 25th, 2010

We want to build a small light weight application that posts one update a day (similar to ‘word of the day’ for vocabulary students).

We have along list of posts prepared in advance.

Is it possible to have an automated way of posting one line a day to a given twitter account automatically at a scheduled time of the day?

I understand there is a twitter API which we may have to use.

We are mainly interested in a simple implementation (avoid full-fledged application development if possible)—something like a VBscript or WSH script that can be scheduled on Windows XP Task Scheduler might be ideal.

Any pointers welcome. Thanks!

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Updating from an Excel sheet would be a bit of overkill. What you need to do is find a service that will let you schedule tweets This page has a few options you should look into.

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