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The best brend for Men's suit?

Asked by Dine (233points) March 25th, 2008

Everyday,Work,Gala evening.

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I would give Ralph Lauren a go.
On there’s also a style guide with tips for dressing appropriately for any kind of venue.

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What’s a brend?

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I think it’s like a blend of brands, brend.

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depends entirely on your build and body type. Paul smith for example suits a taller thinner physique.

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It depends on your budget and the type of suit your looking for. Based on the criteria you listed, I would recommend a suit from Banana Republic You can buy a nice quality everyday suit for about $500. I have a suit I bought from them 2 years ago and its been wore over a dozen times and still looks great!

If you want a more formal or designer brand suit check out those made of fine or super fine merino wool; Brands like Dunhill, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Burberry, Feragamo, E. Zegna, Armani, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, etc all make nice quality suits that you own for life. My advice, buy a classic style/cut of suit and avoid any trendy styles and this small investment you make in a quality suit will last a lifetime without looking dated.

Good Luck!

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i wear a 36” so HM is pretty much the only place that goes that small with out alterations.

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Rubber I would say.

The river Brend is a right-bank tributary of the Fränkische Saale (Franconian Saale), in Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. It is situated in the district Rhön-Grabfeld.
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go gucci, but always depends on the budget…

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