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How do you copy and paste a menu, if it is going to disappear everytime you try to copy it? See detail?

Asked by flo (11804points) August 25th, 2010

You see menus in ‘How to’ computer books (let’s say the menu
under ‘Tools’) But how do I to copy and paste a menu, i.e how do I prevent it from disappearing so I can copy and paste it?

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Do you mean a screenshot?

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Use the Print Screen button on your keyboard.

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My friend was telling me there is….under ‘tool’, I told her I don’t see it in mine, and the following is what she wrote:

‘I tried to take a screen shot of the 2 menus the come up when I click “Tools” and “Toolbars” but I can’t. When I click/open the Snipping Tool to take the screen shot….. the menus disappear. I tried Alt + PrtSc and the same thing happened’.

I have to search for the instruction on how to take a screenshot, but she tried and it and it is not working so I don’t know…

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@flo When the menu is showing, hit Print Screen directly on your keyboard, without using any other snipping applications, or hitting any other keys.

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@flo I will assume you are using Windows, but it would be helpful to state that in your question.
On Windows, hit the Print Screen key, as mentioned by @bob_. Open up MSPaint by browsing to Programs -> Accessories -> Paint. Once you have open a blank document, hit Ctrl-V to paste the screenshot. In order to send the screenshot to someone, save the file and add it to an attachment in an email, for example.

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or view the code and copy that and take the words out of the code.
Or save webpage as “webpage complete” on your computer [and you can copy source code or experiment with screen saving at your leisure

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@anartist Your answer sounds for people who are more well versed computer users than me. Thanks on behalf of them.

@bob_ I tried it. I opened my email started to compose, and then I clicked on Tools, then I hit Print Screen, nothing happened. I tried Alt+Print Screen, nothing. Yes I am using Windows. I am trying to use Paint.

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Print Screen should look like nothing happened when pressed. Believe that it did something though, and copy it into Paint.

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@flo, Print Screen can be baffling because it seems like nothing is happening. I’m at home on my Mac, so bear with me. On your PC keyboard, on the top row are function keys. They should be labeled fn1, fn2, etc. Somewhere to the far right on that top row should be a key that says PRNT SCRN. Open the dropdown menu and hit that key. It will seem like nothing happened.

Open your e-mail message that you are writing. Put the cursor where you want the image to go. On Edit, select PASTE, and the screen shot should paste into the e-mail where the cursor was placed. You can paste screen shots into a word document the same way.

If you need to send the image neatly trimmed up, then put it into Paint as suggested above.

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@BarnacleBill In most cases, pasting an image directly into an email body will work, but not always (ie. web-based email). However, it’s much simpler than pasting into Paint, saving, and adding an attachment.

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I am sure I will have it soon, but what I am getting so far (I tried CTRL V or Edit, Paste)
is either:
1) I see in the Paint is the ‘tools’ menu covering the area where I put the ‘address, ‘subject’, CC, (I found that odd) I don’t know why it didn’t go in the body.
2) The whole ‘Compose email’ page with everything Inbox, etc. but no menu.
I will continue to try.
ADDITION: What is ‘unknown Publisher’? when I try to look at the screenshot I supposedly sent.

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I just tried it but I opened my picture viewer program – Irfanview – to paste it into so I could edit it, if needed. Yahoo inbox won’t let me paste into it at all. I’d have to attach the image if I wanted to include it with a message.

If you click (or mouse over) the Tools menu, does it stay open when you move your mouse away from it or does it auto close?

The “unknown publisher” is you. Some programs allow the user to add to the header file of a picture or file to identify the person.

This is an interesting Question and I’ve always wondered how to get images dfirectly into the inbox composer.

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The [alt] key plus the [print screen] key——this key is usually on the upper right of the keyboard above the numbers. If you press them together the computer saves an image of the screen.
Then if you go into a lot of programs, including Word, use the [control] key together with the [v] key and that copies the image from the computer’s memory into the document.

It really is easy.

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Thanks everyone,
Please ignore my “1) I see in the Paint is the ‘tools’ menu covering the area where I put the ‘address, ‘subject’, CC, (I found that odd) I don’t know why it didn’t go in the body” Of course it would do that because it is taking the screenshot of the whole screen. It is after I put it in Paint that I can snip it… So, I had it already, I just thought something is wrong.
@actuallery I have never heard of infraview.

By the way why did you use the word “Inbox”, did you mean “compose”?
To answer your Q, the menu stays open.
Thanks for that info re. “Unknown publisher”.
I heard you can’t send a screenshot without using “attachment”, I also heard that you can, (they didn’t say how to do it). I don’t know which is true.

By the way when I send a screenshot from Yahoo to Google, it is not recieved by Google in an attachment. It is just out there. That I think is a recent thing. Is there something I need to check or uncheck to make sure that it goes from attachment to attachment? . I have to see if the reverse (Google to Yahoo) is the same

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@bob_ your suggestion is working. It is only when I hit Print Screen key that the menu stays on. If use Alt+Pr. Screen, the menu disappears. Maybe it is just on this computer.
But I still don’t understand how you don’t need anything else. I still need Paint to paste the menu to right? (Word’s EDIT doesn’t give menu for pasting)

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..It is Wordpad, not Word, sorry, and it just gave me the menu for edit, when I tried it again….

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The “Alt” key is a shortcut key to set the focus on “File” on the Tool bar.
The “unknown Publisher” is also shown if the image has not been saved as a permanet file. Usually, the application that you use to save the file inserts the header information like who you are, what application was used to create the file, Date created..etc

If you send the email to yourself, from yahoo to yahoo, the image, most times, appears inside the message if it is a gif or jpg. For some reason, some images appear as attachments. Yahoo has so many bugs at the moment that it’s losing thousands of users every day, many people are even going to other forums due to its inability to fix simple problems. That’s where I came from.

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@actuallery thanks.
The menu disappears when I use “Alt+Print Screen”. What is that about? Why does it work for some people and not others?
I find that when I send an email I get both “Sent”, and Failure Notice. That is a bug in Yahoo I guess.

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I just tried Alt+PrtScrn and it worked. Maybe if you pause too long on the “Alt” key, it assumes it is a sole action?

The failure notice could be a bug or the address you are sending it to is not the same address as where it’s being sent from. Otherwise, the address selected is in error. If you selected the address from your contact list dialog (click To button) it appears like this – <>;
I remove the extraneuos characters to ensure a good send off as it does sometimes refuse to accept those characters ”<>;”

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@actuallery no I don’t pause at all, I hit them at the same time. But anyway I am not going to dwell on it. At least I can avoid the Alt.
I made an error in the address so it was failure notice, that is fine. But why do they ever/still have it in the “sent folder, then? To me it shouldn’t be in the “sent” floder it is a contradiction right?

By the way why do I get JPG when I click JPEG? I am still getting the screenshot anyway.
It is a change from , a few months ago the last time I sent a screenshot.

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There is an option in Yahoo settings as whether you want to keep “sent” messages.

JPG is the same as JPEG. I prefer JPG, though as it’s more compliant with all programs, and it uses the 3 character extension.

The ALT thing could just be your keyboard or a default action, either way, you can still do PrtScrn and get the same result.

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I always want to keep “sent” messages just so I don’t have to send people the same message again. If there is a failure notice, which means “they don’t have it in their Inbox”, it seems to me there should not be “they got it in their Inbox” message.

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