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Are you a trend-spotter?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16083points) August 25th, 2010

Sometimes people-watching results in noticing patterns and trends in what people wear/do/talk about. Have you noticed anything interesting lately? I’m see a lot of ‘60’s looking hats and fitted shirts on men, and people seem to be obsessed with android phones, even if they don’t know how to use them.

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Admittedly, I haven’t been out much to observe people. It’s one of my favourite ways to pass time on campus, though. I keep a notebook of stuff I observe, conversations I overhear (I’m a chronic eavesdropper), and other behavioral notations.

I’m glad vintage-inspired fashion is on the rebound. I love a good trilby.

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@muppetish I just bought a trilby yesterday. I love hats.

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I’m a trend ignorer. Just look at my wardrobe… much to the chagrin of my wife.

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I recognize trends and patterns easily…but I don’t implement or follow them – I leave that to the lemmings.

I’ve noticed people seem to like computers and “facebook”.

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@ftp901, and QA sites, too. :-)

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