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How do you interpret this music video?

Asked by holden (8442points) August 25th, 2010

The music video I am asking about is for the song Karma Police and it is here. I have been listening to this song a lot lately because it comforts me. I don’t normally pay much attention to music videos but I really like the ones that Radiohead does, and I really like this music video. I feel this inexplicable kinship with the man running from the car.
What’s your take on this video? What do you think it means and how do you think it fits with the song?

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(Oh Thom Yorke… I almost forgot how much I love you.)

Maybe it’s only because the perspective from which the video is filmed, but I don’t feel a kinship with the man in the car. In fact, I feel distanced from him. Although there usually isn’t a mutual inclusion of the lyrics and video with Radiohead, I can’t separate them in this case. I interpret the video as the car representing the Karma Police (thus karma in general) as it tracks down a man who has committed some type of wrong. When the man takes out a match and sets the trail on fire, its his refusal to accept the nature whatever poor decisions he has made in his past (even though, in running away from them, he has acknowledged that he may have made a mistake.)

The car on fire is a sad image. Only Thom could make me care about a car.

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it’s by the Director of Birth I think that the car receives it’s just dues for chasing after the man, it could have gone either way the car could have run him over. But the car did nothing as the man stood and faced it. Very beautiful video. If you haven’t seen Birth I highly suggest it.

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Maybe it’s about the guilty facing guilt, maybe it’s about the guilty facing those in resentment, maybe it’s about the guilty facing those who persecute “on behalf” of those in resentment. Maybe it’s about the persecuted facing their own unjustness. Condemnation being only as righteous as the condemned is without the naturally-righteous Fire of Life. I don’t know, I’ve got persecution issues from childhood for talking in maths and buzzing like a fridge around people who regularly for a minute lost themselves, and I’m probably projecting like crazy.

Radiohead is great. It’s like their music is heard more accurately by the brain than by the ears. I can feel notes combining into new sounds in my head when I listen to something by them.

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