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Sunrise to the East, a dog, black coffee and a smoke; what does your August 26th morning look like?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) August 25th, 2010


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I’ll let you know in 11 hours.

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I’ll find out in about 12 hours when I get up tomorrow. :P

Actually, knowing me, it’ll probably be at least 14 hours later. Sleeping in until 11 is awesome…

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In 15 minutes (12:00 in the a.m. my time), it’ll be me looking at the back of my eyelids. I’m about to brush my jibs, strip down to my skivvies (most likely naked) and je vous veux dans mon lit.

Bonne suit!

Who wants to snuggle?

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Wake up at 7:00 am to my cats biting me so I’ll get up and feed them. Make a pot of coffee, drink it black. Kiss my husband before he leaves for work. Browse the internet for a bit, shower, and figure out what I’m going to do the rest of the day.

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And, I read that question wrong.

Yes, I’ll still be looking at the back of my eyelids early morn, will be naked and in bed and still in need of a snuggle partner (platonic, of course). Facilities?

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Up at 7 a.m. Cuddle with my dog as she will not be ignored. Breakfast, go to the gym, back to walk the dog and then searching the internet for a job. Sigh… It’s getting old.

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@jjmah A naked, platonic snuggle? You can count on me!

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@chyna Better to search for a job than to search for a partner.

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Well…. I guess I’m in search for both.

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^ Hijack hijack. Flogged flagged.

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I can tell you what it looks like in a few hours. I will be getting up at 7am, getting my son up and ready for school, then dropping him off at a neighbors house (who will take him to school), and then going to pick up a friend of mine and take her to get some testing done. It’ll be a busy morning, which is just the way I like it.

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5:hours 19:minutes till sunrise – empty wrapper, unfinished work right side of monitor, Fluther on left side, headphones, cat asleep on bed, ice melted in ginger ale.

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Wow, this question made me realize how late it is. I’m getting up at 4 and it’s 1 here now. Yikes!

Morning: the first thing I do is drink a cup of coffee, get ready, then have more coffee. For breakfast, I have some yogurt with granola and strawberries. I pet my dog on the way out the door, and snorts and then wakes up and looks at me balefully. Then wipe the morning dew off my car and drive to work down back country roads while the sun comes up.

Getting up early is actually kind of nice.

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try to figure out how to handle the elderly…..

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Drizzly and gray outside (not that I mind), leisurely morning at work, bacon butty with brown sauce, slight peace of mind.

We should have a question like this everyday, I love them. So simple yet interesting to get a small glimpse of other peoples mornings/days.

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In L.A.,: two and a half hours to sunrise, 76 deg.F warming up to about 104. Fourth day in a row over 100! I will, of course, remain in the house (where it is a constant 70 deg) and will maintain a hands-on approach with the ice cream.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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@zen_ : Pretty much the same for me. Were we separated at birth?

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Almost forgot to put the garbage on the curb. I ran out in a robe. Nice the garbage truck waited, usually the take off. SO my morning was rushed.

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I lied, it’s only been 9 hours. I was awakened earlier than expected. <shakes fist!>

The sun isn’t fully up yet, it’s still working on climbing above those tall mountains. However, its light can faintly be seen, and is illuminating a nearby lake. It looks very overcast, and will probably rain yet again. It’s pretty quiet out, as not too many people are stirring. There’s a fresh cup of coffee near me. Ahh, tranquility. :)

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It’s warm out and will be scorching later, probably. My friend from home is in town and we’re making breakfast. My cat is meowing for an unknown reason. I’m eating a super ripe and delicious Colorado peach and it’s blowing my mind, and drinking fresh coffee from the farmers market yesterday evening. Today is the second day that I can ride my bike and walk normally since I broke my foot. It’s also the first time I will have gone swimming since the MIDDLE OF JULY. I wasn’t allowed before because of my foot healing up. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

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Watching the sunrise as I commute on a train to work.

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Open my eyes to a big window, bright and sunny (dubai), give my cat a huge cuddle which makes me instantly happy, then its rush rush rush for work.

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Mine – up at 7am, quick shower, drink of juice (no time for coffee – I was late up) and off to work at 7.30am. Coffee and breakfast happened after I arrived at the office. Usually I’m up and showered before 7 so I have time for a coffee and a bit of internet time before I go.

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@JilltheTooth Perhaps: were you also a sperm-donor baby?

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@zen_ : Daaaaddy? Is that really you!??!

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Uh, no… sis. I’m hearing banjo music…

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@zen_ : Oops. Just reread your answer…thought you were talking about Katawagrey… if you really were a donor baby you should talk to her about that! Sorry Bro…

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