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What is the best thing for nausea?

Asked by Deja_vu (4157points) August 26th, 2010

I have swimmer’s ear and I have to take Vicodin, and it’s making me really really sick. Any suggestions for my nausea? I tried ginger and it didn’t help.

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Ginger. Ginger tea.

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Ginger ale, Coke or plain club soda has always helped me.

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Coke syrup. How that’s supposed to help is beyond me, but there you go.

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@jjmah I tried ginger, and ginger tea :(

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@Austinlad I think I’ll go get some.
Thanks you guys!

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Huh. :(

Peppermint tea works, as well.

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@Deja_vu, hope you feel better. My suggestions were my mother’s remedies and they’ve never let me down. :-)

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Valerian root does it for me, try what the others above have mentions…peppermint tea and ginger tea…also eating a good meal can help. Maybe ask for some other pain med…I am taking Davocet for the same reason I couldn’t stomach the Vicodin…The Vicodin just landed me in bed feeling awful.

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Vicodin is a killer. Oh, @Deja_vu, be sure to sip the drink, not chug it.

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I’ve found that chamomile tea helps a bit.

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@syz My exact thought. That or plain cold bottled water.

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Weed, hands down.

Nothing helps against nausea like weed and weed doesn’t help anything more than nausea.

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Have you tried to eat something before taking the Vicodin? It doesn’t have to be a big meal, just some crackers or something light to get something else in your stomach before the Vicodin.

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@Seaofclouds GA Saltine crackers come to mind.

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@Seaofclouds I had some scrambled eggs. Not everytime though. I should. I’ve been getting really sick from it. I’ll don’t that. Last time I didn’t cause of the time. I wasn’t thinking. thank you :)
@Zyx It probley would help. If only I smoked Weed, but I don’t. Plus Weed and Vicodin? Doesn’t sound like a good combo. Thanks though :)

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Peppermint tea can also help.

Or call your doctor and have him prescribe an anti-nausea medication.

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A slice of dry toast.

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A teaspoon of plain yellow mustard.

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Are you eating before you take your medication?

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Flat coke. Helps me. They have swimmer’s ear stuff you can buy at the pharmacy. I hope you feel better.

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Don’t know if it’s still available, but there used to be something called Emetrol (not sure of the spelling). It was a green liquid that was mostly phosphoric acid (same as Coke syrup), kind of a light mint flavor. I guess there’s a cherry version out now, which sounds horrible to me and also has red food coloring, but if you can find the old green one I would recommend that.

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Nibble on dry saltines.

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@Zyx is right. Smoke weed.

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Smoke weed?

Only thing that will do is is give you the desire to want to eat after puking.

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One of the reasons marijuana was prescribed by doctors was for nausea after chemo therapy, I had thought.

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She already said she doesn’t smoke weed.

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It helps you eat. The munchies.
Something chemotherapy deprives you of.

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Man, I can’t believe ginger didn’t work.. that always helps me. I had e. coli earlier this year and it was the only thing that got me through. I respect your not smoking cannabis, so feel free to disregard this, but you might consider making a tincture or baking it into cookies or something. It does help nausea.

@ChazMaz – THC is widely used as an anti-emetic (Marinol), though its appetite-inducing properties are not to be denied.

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Thank you so much for all your good advice :) I got my Ginger ale, 7up and saltines. Still a bit nauseous. I’m heading to the doctor in a bit to ask for something other than Vicodin. Plus my ear still is all jacked up. Blah :P

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I would smoke weed, but I’m a one hitter quiter. I don’t like the feeling of being stoned.

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@MissAnthrope – I understand that.

My brother had cancer. The pot did not do much for his nausea. But it did motivate him to eat. And, smoke pot. :-)

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