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Do you check the temperature of your microwaved food?

Asked by mrentropy (17188points) August 26th, 2010

Now that I’m eating more microwaved meals I’ve noticed that the instructions tell you to check the temperature of your meal before you start eating, for safety reasons. Like making sure it’s at 165F or whatever.

I’ve never checked the temperature of a microwaved meal from a box. I just go by the time on the instructions and end up with a shriveled, shrunken mass of carbon.

So, have you ever checked the temperature of your Hungry Man dinner before you started eating?

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Yes, because it can be hot enough to burn your mouth. Also the temperature can be very uneven, and it needs stirring.

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I’m no expert in cooking so i read the guidelines word by word, because even i could get microwaving wrong.

I always check the temperature.

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@marinelife & @serafina So, you two both use a thermometer to check your nuked meals?

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Never. my eyes are my temperature guage. if its steaming, i back off for two minutes.

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I check it with my finger.

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Frenchfry, how clean is “that finger”?

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@Frenchfry : too ouchy for me!

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@mrentropy I use my tongue usually, if it roasts my tongue then i dig in :D

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Okay, I was meaning more about for safety reasons (bacteria, etc) and making sure the internal temperature was at a certain temp. But these answers are good, too. Especially @serafina,‘s for some reason.

And I edited the question to reflect that.
And I edited this answer to reflect that I edited the question.

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They have microwave temperature instructions…..?

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@NaturallyMe Yeah. It surprised me, too. I don’t have one on me, but the last one I did said to cook it for, like, 10 minutes (1100 watt) and check the temp and make sure it was at 165F. Or something along those lines.

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@john65pennington Why you want me to check your meal for you? hahaha

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Frenchfry, no thanks. i do not know where “that finger” has been.

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@mrentropy Seriously . It does not take a rocket scientist. Give it a good poke.

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If it’s bubbling it’s ready.. If it isn’t bubbling I stick a fork into the bottom of the thickest part and touch the fork to my tongue. If it’s cold or lukewarm I cook it more.

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I’ve been cooking food in microwave ovens since they were called Radar Ranges and never checked the temperature, just the time. Most likely won’t change the habit.

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My microwave has a temperature probe but I’ve never used it. I only use it for defrosting, warming leftovers and the occasional frozen burrito.

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I happen to know the hot spots in my microwave (an older one that heats unevenly) so I know by practice where to place my food, and for how long, often moving it mid-cycle, and always letting it sit for a couple of minutes afterwards to “even out”.
I do not check that which I already know from experience.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land Frozen burritos rock!

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