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What are the pros and cons of dating you?

Asked by bob_ (20202points) August 26th, 2010

What are some things about you that would make people want to date you? What are some things what would make them not want to date you? What’s the balance?

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They would fall in love with my good sense of humor, my love of music, art and the outdoors and also that I am competitive, like to play to win and even let them win once in a while.

They would probably soon begin to realize I don’t let them win often enough!! lol!

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Now that would spoil my fun if i were to tell you, wouldn’t it?

I am naughty, have a wicked sense of humour and enjoy the simple things in life.

Cons? There are none :D

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The blend of sweet and sour makes me… PERFECT!

Now make me a sandwich.

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An issue I have run into the past is that guys often consider me to be one of their best friends right off the bat and because of that they develop a crush on me. However, after dating me for a little while, I stop being a best friend and start acting like a girlfriend and start expecting to be treated like a girlfriend and they realize, “Oh, she’s not just a best friend I’m sleeping with…”

When guys break up with me, I almost always get hit with the old standby, “You’re one of the coolest girls I’ve met and I hope we can still be friends.”

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Pros-Nice guy, good job, lots of life experience, well educated, fun at a party, good cook, not bad looking I suppose (my avatar is me), good sense of humor, non conformist without being a freak, controversial in a way that seems to entertain most people without truly offending them (except on Fluther, but I think that is because they can’t see me smiling when I ask or answer questions), bold and confident.
Cons-I am already seeing somebody, and she is so cool that anybody else would simply not impress me.

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@KatawaGrey She’s not just a best friend I’m sleeping with…? Oh my.
Feel free to kick my ass, but that just struck me in some strange way.

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I don’t want to brag,so I am just going to give you the cons.
I am gfhfjjeg,jhjymyhmtg,and almost always urthi! yes,it’s true

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Pros: I have great manners, I can be very charming and witty, I’m always up for doing what the other person wants to do, I’m not a drunk and have a clean police record, I can make small and large talk on a wide variety of subjects, I’m single, and I always pick up the check.

Cons: I’m an “older guy” (though I don’t act like it) and I don’t give a fig about sports, which in Texas is considered a felony. I’m sure there are other cons, too, but somehow I just can’t think of any.

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@Adirondackwannabe: Haha, don’t worry, I didn’t kick the asses of any of the other guys who were struck by that either. :P

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I’‘m funny and sassy and savvy and perceptive – all plusses, I think.

I can be insecure and nudgy and a bit in your face. Soemtimes what I consider wit may come across as too sharp and not be what you are looking for at the moment. I also have a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist and critical at times.

Other than that, I’m poifect!

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I’m an asshole, there are no pros.

That is also the con, unless you have daddy issues.

I don’t want to date anyone anyway. I like being free.

End of rant.

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I enjoy a lot of activities. If we were to go on a date, expect diversity.
I have a pretty decent sense of humor.
I’m always up for an adventure.
I’ll treat you right, along with your fiends and family.
I don’t have a lot of baggage, and I don’t cause drama.
I’m well versed in books, movies, music, etc.
I still have all my teeth. <Flashes pearly whites> See?

I’m introverted.
I need a lot of space.
Don’t mess with my stuff, or un-organize my things. I hate that.
Sexually, I’m probably just adequate. Just being honest.
I’m not a good cook. (I am trying to learn though).

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities but do you look like jeff goldblum?

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Not at all. I’m a blondie.

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A very loving, huggy person thats dependable, faithful and a million laughs and fun.

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oh well, some blondes are hot too…

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@KatawaGrey I can relate.

Pro? I’m a people pleaser. I like to give people what they want.
Con? I have a tendency to get depressed.

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Oh, I just thought of another con, a biggie—I’m not dating these days.

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Pleasant, down to earth, faithful, fun to be with, charming, smart….the list goes on and on. But alas, I’m already taken.

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I don’t make sandwiches.

That’s a pro, btw. ;)

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@aprilsimnel: Good, because no one makes a sandwich exactly the way I like it. ;)

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I don’t date guys. Actuallery, I don’t date at all, nowadays. However, if someone should want to date me, she would have to be rich, send me money (often) and never call.

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Pro about dating:- Good meal and alittle converstion. Maybe fall in alove.
Con about dating – Have nothing in common. Want to flee as fast as your feet can carry you.
Good thing about me: I am nice, I can cook, and I am not bad looking.
Bad things: I snore sometimes I can’t sing, and I smoke.

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@mowens, you are one helluva catch, my friend!

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Pros: I can cook/bake, give good massages, know a lot of trivia, I’m pretty nice, really good at listening, good humor, I tend to smell good, I know a lot about weird crap so you will learn a lot, I can get people excited over even the most mundane of things, I veer towards the positive and find the hilarity in any given situation, and I’m not too bad to look at ;)

Cons: I usually hate/cry after driving because of an bad accident I was in a while back makes me incredibly tense, I can be insensitive at times, In an argument if I think I’m right I will find anyway to prove it, I have an insane memory so anytime you pissed me off I can tell you the exact date it happened and every detail, and I say things like “I hate men” a lot

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Reliable, trustworthy and stable. Rather independent.
I’m a logical person. A problem-solver. I try to make sense of everything.
I understand neither emotions nor social rituals.
I avoid confrontation.
I’m in love with computers and sci-fi. I’m not in love with the outdoors.

I’ll let you decide which of those are pros, and which are cons.

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Pro- I’m a sweetheart that enjoys hanging with the guys. I can also cook a great meal and cookies too.

Con- I’m often quiet and will find any excuse to not attend a large party. I guess I hog the blankets too.

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I was told this the other day:

I need you. I adore you. Your sense of humor, the way I feel in your arms, your sense of adventure, the way you are there for your family, your kindness toward others, the way everyone’s eyes light up (especially mine) when they talk to you….there are sooo many things that I love about you..those are just a few…your creativity, sense of style and beauty, the way that you do understand what is really important in life, I just could never let you go. You’re amazing.

My cons: I tend to be late (I’m working on it), and I’m feisty (I’ll rip off your Tchotchkes and feed them to you (stuff them down your gullet)) if you don’t treat me well, and I am a bit stubborn.

Your song to me would be this.

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lol “I’ll rip off your tchotchkes”

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@TheOnlyNeffie If you had tchotchkes you wouldn’t be laughing.:)

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Pros – nice guy, moderately intelligent, clean and well-dressed, employed, enjoy eating out, art & culture.
Cons – short (for a guy), not attractive, and I don’t have what you’d expect between my legs. Oh and I’m married (but if you’re a girl he won’t mind).

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@downtide Yeah, I feel kind of silly answering this since I’m married. Oh well. ;)

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Pros: I’m polite, don’t eat with my fingers and know which fork to use.

Cons: I’m autistic. Not the type to go on dates. Have no idea of small talk or nonverbal social cues. I usually say nothing for fear of saying something wrong. I’m more comfortable repairing a tractor than trying to socialize.

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* NOTE TO SELF: Do not date @stranger_in_a_strange_land. Do get him to fix Pa’s tractor. *

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Pros – Hmmm. I’m quick witted, an excellent if a little reckless driver. I’ll fix your car, I’m nice I guess, decent looking, I clean up good when I’m not covered in engine grease; I’ll fix your computer too, I am very empathetic and often called smart.

Cons – I’ll laugh at you when you break your car/computer then I’ll fix it and grumble about it the whole time; I will avoid people like the plague on random days, I prefer to spend time with my car than anyone else good reason too: my girlfriend has become a harpy :(, I speak my mind; I am often passive-aggressive however if you annoy me enough I will tell you how much I hate your guts :P. I often get discouraged from things easily when I build my own mental walls without seeing it. Then I’ll get pissed at my own inaction and fly at said task with hammer and chisel until it’s done. Oh and if on a road-trip with me, and you say “I hate bridges, don’t drive over them” I will drive over every bridge I can find at ridiculously slow speed. I’m cruel, I know.

So yeah, don’t date me unless you want me to fix your car is what I’m seeing on my list :P.

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Pro’s : Sense of humour-rugged good looks-romantic son of a bitch-pushes all the right buttons in bed & i’m not talking about the dimmer switch.
Con’s The wife would most probably twat anyone who had designs of that nature over the bonce with a heavy blunt instrument. :¬)

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Pros: I’m not very high maintenance. I like to keep it pretty simple. I love to laugh and try new things. If you like animals, I’m a big animal lover.
Cons: I have a kind of bad memory so I can come off as flaky at times. I can be a little shy and let people intimidate me.

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I am bright, funny, kind, attractive, honest, of high integrity, a great communicator and have no dependent children around to get in the way of spontanious adventures.

I love to share my cool little country space with others, cook, entertain, and am an awesome hostess!

Cons: I live an hour out of the city, have zero interest in anyone with kids younger than late teens. I am not marriage minded , nor do I think I ever wish to live with someone again.
I like my space, sooo, if someone wants the proverbial ‘more’, as in marriage or cohabitation, I’m probably not your girl. lol

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Pros: I spend too much time on fluther
Cons: I spend too much time on fluther

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I try to make sure my mate is pleased in the sack, and I’m charming and do little things like randomly give you flowers, although I flirt a lot and I’m not very empathetic when it comes to trivial problems that you think are important.

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Ooo, I feel a Jelly Dating Service blooming…

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Pros: I’m deeply attentive, love making love, I’m relaxed, I like (and can watch) sport, I own a PS2… and I’ll most probably fall in love with you
Cons: ...I’ll most probably fall in love with you

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@holden He is much better looking than @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities.

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I am not right for many people. I want a lot out of a partner, I expect a lot and I know my worth. Some people think these are cons, I don’t. For the people that I am right for, the pros are: intelligence, passion, loyalty, communicaton…I will not judge you, I will keep you safe and am fun to be with, to lead a life of meaning with; the cons are: I have a history of depression and panic attacks, sometimes my brain chemistry gets the better of me and my emotions can be hard to handle, I can have mood swings, lots of tears; I am not patient and I always want to talk things through, even if you don’t feel like it.

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Pros: Nice teeth, no baggage.
Cons: No job.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Keep me safe? Are you a muay thai expert or something lol? Would you stab a guy for me?

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@Blackberry I’m a tae kwon do black belt. I like tulips, wink wink ~

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@Blackberry I don’t disclose my secrets. I suppose I meant that in a way that I will keep you psychologically whole – it is important to me to keep a partner of mine supported in every way.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Ah I see, that is excellent.

@bob_ You’re a dude…. :(

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Pros: I’m very patient, I have a good (if odd) sense of humor, I don’t stay angry for long, I don’t hit, I rarely drink, I’m very supportive, I’m a good listener, I don’t mind splitting chores, I’m a decent cook, I can fix your computer, I am intelligent (contrary to presented evidence), I will hold someone I’m with above my self, I love to give little surprises (not like your cat). I’ve had many, many, many people (including someone who knew for 90 minutes) tell me I “have a big, big heart.”

Cons: I carry quite a bit of baggage, I like my space, and I’m an evil smoker (might be getting time to quit, though).

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@mrentropy If I were looking, you sound like a good candidate. (Just quit smoking.)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: Ah, yes, I also like to talk things through and my current SO is the “ignore it until things settle down” type. It’s very frustrating.

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I’m really good with my hands, I’m very patient & good humoured & honest…. If your car breaks down while you’re over at my place, I can fix it, I’ll take my time & do the job properly while at the same time taking the piss out of you! :-/
I’m very open minded, up for almost anything once, so long as it doesn‘t involve other men! :-/& am very fit & financially secure….I don’t smoke…

I like my own space so you must leave after the weekend, I don’t like kids below thirty, I’m not marriage material, been there done that, once was enough, I’m married to my job! :-/
I like a drink too…..

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Cons first: I’m married 22 years so unavailable. Spoiled, lazy, prone to being a hermit, history of anxiety, not young and svelte.
Pros: A physical person. Healthy as they get. Amusing and Fairly intelligent, I think.
Love to listen to you talk, I’m heavy on compliments but don’t need any. Not bitter, easy going, I give plenty of space when asked and expect the same. I bring capital into the relationship. In other words, I wouldn’t drain yours and am extremely ethical about monetary expectations.

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I want to date @Austinlad and @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities lol

Hmmm…we all like space..( not a problem there, as in extreme geography ) hahaha

I think though that @Austinlad and I have the most in common, I don’t date either.

Well….it was a fun exploration gentlemen! ;-)

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Sounds like good friend material too. :-)

I’m too generous, I’ll be broke someday, but it’ll have been a fun time. lol

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Sweet, Coloma. (-;

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@Coloma , Austinlad would be a very interesting man, I think, yes.
Is this fun or what.

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I’m damn good looking.
I have money.
I’m super affectionate.
I’m educated.


I really like my alone time.
My family situation is a little… uncomfortable.
I can be awkward.
I’m not a very good conversationalist.

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The Bastard is here…I wish I was 20 again…I LOVE this guy!

Hey there Fiddle! ;-)

@Aster Very fun! A great mellow day for me after 2 days of crazy long hours. :-)

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@Coloma Take your place in line.

TexasDude's avatar

@KatawaGrey, I thought about adding that one ;-)

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Pro: Good lookin’, educated, affectionate, funny, artistic, corn-fed yet wordly, crazzayyy!

Con: Like all you other freaks, I like my space. Typical artist temperament. Conflicted. OCD. Can be totally lazy. Do my own damn thing. Only child. Crazzayy!

I am a mystery, mainly to myself.

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Sorry, I’m too young to date.

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Has anyone ever hooked up from Fluther?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You are a good converstionalist
@Blackberry planning on it

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir, thank you dear. I am much better conversing through electronic media than in person, I think, though. Must be a sign of my generation or something.

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How could I forget @BoBo1946 & @mrentropy

Damn….looks like my stable is filling up fast!

Young colts and old studs! lol

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@Scooby How you doin’? :-)

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My grandmother’s 90. She’s dating. He’s about 93. It’s going great. They never argue. They can’t hear each other.—Catherine Ladman.

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@Coloma touche my friend!

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@Blackberry Yes. Our very own richardhenry and chels are now engaged. I believe forestgeek and mcbealer met here as well.

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Cons: depressed, don’t like talking, not good with emotions, not very affectionate, jealous (not very much though).

Pros: funny, smart, open to new things, playful, kind, good listener, polite, shy, faithful, loyal, understanding, charming, etc.

I’m not looking for a relationship at the moment though.

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Whoa, a lot more answers than I expected. Gracias, everybody!

In no particular orden, I’d say mine are…

Pros: good sense of humor, financially comfortable, good listener, good at solving problems, can fix certain things about your computer, like to just chill, like to get flowers, supportive, know lots and lots and lots of random shit and can talk about pretty much any subject, like to travel, don’t smoke, pretty fun to be with when drunk, resourceful, can change a flat tire (it might take a while, but it will get changed), can wear a suit and tie, pretty good with words, confident, fuckin’ smart, don’t actually ask for a sandwich all that often, if you like to cook yay! but if not I don’t expect you to just because you’re a woman, okay in bed (though I have been complimented on my handiwork, if you know what I mean), and best cuddler in this galaxy and its surroundings.

Cons: might come off as arrogant to some people, (a bit too) competitve, like to (obsessively) plan things and get very irritated when things don’t go according to plan, don’t like to go camping, not much of a party animal, not wild about pets (especially cats), when I’m in a bad mood I’m in a bad mood, can be selfish at times, somewhat jealous, hold grudges, don’t know shit about fixing cars, very stubborn.

I’ll ask my girlfriend what she thinks and get back to y’all later on.

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I like to get the negativity out first

Cons: Workaholic, procrastinator, stubborn, introverted, unable to focus on just one thing at a time, need to stay busy, won’t eat at most fast food places or chain restaurants, gullible, naive, too nice, trusting when I likely shouldn’t be, have to sleep in socks and would prefer my sleeping partner to do the same, divorced, obsessed with pumpkins, anal about grammar.

Pros: I cook, make my own pizzas and bagels, enjoy watching geeky videos, love cars, love Noam Chomsky, obsessed with, I follow my dreams and I’m not afraid to put everything I have into getting the things I want, self-sufficient, love reading to myself and others, I like to be silly and am fully aware of my inner child, I can hold my own with almost every subject during conversations.

Pros/Cons can be switched depending on your perception.

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Pros: I’m sexual, fun most of the time, honest, not a cheater, interesting, and other things I can’t think of at the moment.
Cons: I’m dealing with depression. I think 99% of “mistakes” can be avoided. I’m hard on myself and others. I psychoanalyze almost everything. I won’t date someone who’s unattractive, short, skinny, or otherwise unappealing to me. I’m opinionated, and according to some self-righteous. I love to watch television. I get irritated easily. I get fat easily. I will expect a lot out of you as a human being. There’s probably more.

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@Facade Out of curiosity, what’s “short”?

Facade's avatar

@bob_ 5’10 is the shortest I’d go.

bob_'s avatar

@Facade Aw, man! 1.5 inches too short D:


Facade's avatar

@bob_ You’ll always be tall to me =)

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@free_fallin “obsessed with pumpkins.” Wat?

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Pro’s: When I feel comfortable enough to come out of my shell, I’m affectionate, loving, and very encouraging as a partner. What else? I’m a voracious reader and love having conversations about ancient history, philosophy, and psychology. But I also have a silly side. I love cracking jokes and it’s pretty easy to make me laugh.

Con’s: Because I’m reserved, people sometimes think I am stuck up.

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@Aster I love to cook with them and love their scent.

Aster's avatar

@free_fallin does this mean you have a source of fresh pumpkins ? I can barely smell them.

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Yes, does your obsession involve sleeping with pumpkins, dressing then up in little outfits, taking baths with them or what? lol

Aster's avatar

Oh, God Coloma. Sounds like you’re getting as sleepy as I am.
I will PM you tonight or tomorrow re: a book you suggested that , so far, is hard to grasp. for me, that is. Tolle book.

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@Facade: If you don’t mind my asking, are you a giant?

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I love sports, watching and participating. Gambling, beer, having friends over for bar—b-que and poker. The con side; I am a great cook and you’ll get fat.

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@KatawaGrey I’m 5’1. It’s interesting how people think it’s only ok for tall people to only want to date tall people. This isn’t necessarily dircted at you.

KatawaGrey's avatar

@Facade: I know a lot of women who prefer very tall men but usually the ones who have a height cap are giants themselves.

Facade's avatar

@KatawaGrey I know women like that too

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I’m 5’2 and I prefer tall men. I’ve never dated anyone under 6’. My ex husband was 6’4.

Austinlad's avatar

Let’s all of us on the thread have a party !!! Bet we’d have a great time.

Facade's avatar

@chyna knows what’s up =)

KatawaGrey's avatar

Hey! My boyfriend is 6’1 and I’m 5’3. Granted, I tower over both of you… ;)

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Pros: i am very devoted to whomever i am with. I can be very happy just being with someone, not nescessarily doing anything expensive. I have plenty of money of my own, so i’m not looking for someone else’s money. i am funny and smart. I love love love sex (this could be a con because i can have sex morning noon and night). I know i give good head – i really like doing it and i don’t consider it a chore, so i think that helps. i am also a little freaky in the sack so if someone is freaky, i’m all for it. i like to travel, i am not a smoker, barely drink (a con if a person is a drinker), i am a good listender and am pretty understanding about people’s problems and quirks. i like the outdoors and nature, but i am also very comfortable in a shopping mall! i am a family person, and if i am with someone i will not consider cheating, will not even look at other men sexually.

cons: i am pretty (i think) but am very much a jeans and sneakers girl, not much into dressing up, high heels, etc. I like to shop and spend money (i earn it, i spend it). i am a messy housekeeper (therefore, i have a cleaning lady). i can cook but do not usually cook. i can be lazy. i like my space and am very happy living alone. in the beginning of a relationship, when all is new and exciting, i want to be with the person a lot. i am judgemental of other people (both men and women). i am blunt with my opinions and will tell someone exactly what i think. if someone likes to argue, i don’t like to argue but will argue until the cows come home.

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Pro: Women who date me always feel much better about themselves afterwards.

Con: I am so emotionally damaged it shocks people. At first glance, I don’t appear that way at all.

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Cons (as a date) I am loyal, monogamous and married.
I am very intelligent and that intimidates most people.
I am not physically fit, but I will try to keep up.
I am not humble, but I am honest.
I am not nor will I ever be rich.

I am very intelligent and if you can handle that, we will have great talks.
I am very sensuous and sensual as a lover. I love sex and am very good at pleasuring a partner.
I am sexually uninhibited and adventurous.
I know and appreciate the things that make life a joy.
I am always open to new experiences.
I am generous, unnervingly honest, respectful, loyal and faithful.
I love to travel and have an intense interest in learning about things around me.
I have a sense of humour that if you appreciate it, you will always have reasons to smile and laugh.
I will notice and understand things about your feelings before you do, but I will allow you to experience them fully even when it is hard work for both of us.

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Socially versatile

I have high expectations of a partner to live up to what they say they believe in. I crave attention, appreciation and emotional connectivity. The words, “you know I love you even if I don’t always show it” don’t work with me.

Coloma's avatar


‘you know I love you even if I don’t always show it’ don’t work for me.

Right with you on that one.

I already have enough furniture, don’t need an extra lazy boy around the house. lolol

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I’m much better as a bodyguard than a date.

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I’m great thanks ;-)x @ only 5’ 11” Lol…

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I could make an exception…

Scooby's avatar


Excellent. Send me details ;-)

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@Aster @Coloma HA. Nothing like that. My parents have a pumpkin patch and those will be ready soon. I grew up around them. My mother had several things in the garden so we always had fresh fruit and veggies. As Autumn approaches, you will find my house decorated with a few pumpkins. I enjoy creatively carving them. When I can’t get fresh pumpkin, I use canned. Pumpkin is yummy in several different recipes!

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I have this recipe somewhere I have always been wanting to try, and have not yet.
You par boil a cleaned out small, baking type pumpkin for a few minutes in salted water, then stuff with a meat and wild rice mixture, put the top on and bake for awhile.

Slice wedges and serve with the mixture in the pumpkin slice.

Looks and sounds to good!

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Pros: I’ll make you laugh, I’m fun, I’m not terribly jealous or clingy, I have no problem with giving you space, I’ll pay for myself, I’m smart, insightful, witty, pretty, nice body, I’m very cuddly and sweet and affectionate, I’ll make you feel appreciated and good about yourself

Cons: Not very sexually experienced, like @jjmah I can get freakin’ nasty when you piss me off, moments of insecurity, I expect you to boost my ego and remind me how much you care… and NO ANAL, EVER.

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@le_inferno I’m not seeing NO ANAL as a con. :-)

bob_'s avatar

@chyna Didn’t see that in your post, either XD

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It’s a big con, Le Inferno :P

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Pros: Available, financially secure, easy going yet full of surprises, loyal and romantic
Cons: Quiet, needs space, likes cycling and walking, hates shopping

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Cons: Unavailable, financially insecure, not very easy going and full of surprises,dis-loyal and unromantic to a fault – practically to an art form.

Pros: Quiet, needs space – so I’ll give you yours, too, likes cycling and walking, hates shopping – especially shoes and clothes – so it’ll save us money. Sandals only, and t shirts.

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Pros: I’m a good listener, easy to talk to, smart enough to hold a decent conversation, and have no issues with porn/strip clubs/jealousy. I also make great sandwiches and give excellent head. ;)

Cons: I’m not domestic, in any way. I’m messy, I stay up all night and sleep during the day, and I smoke.

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@augustlan: You’re a smoker? You know that’s not allowed on fluther, right?

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I’d totally date @augustlan

I mean… uhh… yeah.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard If I were single, you’d be in for the ride of your life. I mean… uhh… yeah.

<lazily smokes a cigarette>

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@augustlan You mean because of the sandwiches?

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Well, that and the killer conversation. ;)

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I’m kind, friendly, easy-going, polite, and I believe in treating others as I’d like to be treated.
I will treat you like a prince/ss.
Parents love me.
My world-famous and patented TickleScratch™.
I’ll make you laugh a lot.
I can cook and bake delicious things.
I give great massages.
Free computer tech support.
I’ll drag you along on random trips and adventures.
I’m told I’m a great kisser and good in the sack.

My tendency toward melancholy/depression.
I’m not excessively motivated.
I don’t like to work.
I have trouble with normal, adult responsibilities.
I’m very cluttered.
I have emotional intimacy issues.
I’m bad with money.
I have low self-confidence, especially with regards to my appearance.

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If I was man who understood and liked me, I’d like to think that I’d want to date me because I can be quite easygoing about things, even if it may not seem like it. I’d feel comfortable around me and enjoy my company because I know I care about others enough to want them to feel happy, respected, secure, and comfortable in my presence. I’d also trust me to tell myself the truth about where I stand with me if I really wanted to know.

I can see someone being turned off by me because of my fears, the way I dress, my unemployment, my upbringing, the way i choose to do things, and my quiet voice.

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