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Do you ever think that world peace is possible?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) August 26th, 2010

I have a feeling it is not. Any optimistic people out there?

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Ask this guy. The caption: “I think I won!”

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@IchtheosaurusRex Nice . Aint that the truth.

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As long as Man is basically wretched, no.

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Because “peace” is a word to describe the opposite part of a needed piece.

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Yes, but not in our lifetime.

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Nah! I doubt if everyone could agree on what peace is. And because who would determine what world peace is….See there goes the fighting again.

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No and that makes this pacifist all shades of sad.

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All we are saying, is give…......come along now, altogether. Peace-off is unfortunately a more realistic view. Just the way the world is, sad but true.

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Yes, but not in my lifetime, unless something miraculous happens and I live to be about 500 or 600 years old.

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Great Caesar’s ghost! There will be peace here on Earth after Christ the Lord returns.

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“The only true peace is within us as part of Nature’s endowment“……..I read that somewhere
If we all find inner piece then maybe… But the politicians will never let that happen :-/ so I guess not really….Bugger!!!

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No, not as long as there are tyrants.

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My fondest wish, and yes, I do believe it’s possible.
Anything is possible, it’s the probability that gets sticky. lol

Peace starts, as charity, at home.

One person, one group, one nation at a time.

BE the peace you wish to see in the world.

I may not see world peace in my lifetime, but, I love everybody, and live peacefully, conduct myself peacefully, don’t hold grudges, show kindness to everyone I encounter and have traveled enough to say that I absolutely beleive that there is much more good than bad in this world.

It was an awesome moment last spring when I stood in front of the Taipei sports arena in Taipei city Taiwan and watched the beautiful revolving banner for world peace. :-)

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Not until humans are extinct. There will always be someone who wants to make war.

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No; never has been. Not as long as people act and think the way they do. too tired to think.

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If by world peace you mean no wars, no border disputes, no political, no crime, no anything that causes one person to lift up arms or a voice to someone else, sadly no, I don’t believe world peace in possible. Why? Because we are human beings, with all the attendant weaknesses and foibles.

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No. people have different ideas on how to live etc and some people are just evil.

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We have to at least believe it is possible or it will not be possible. Believe!

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As much as I would love it, no I don’t think so. Human nature makes sure of that.

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Of course! It’s called nuclear winter… it’d solve our global warming problem too.

hahaha, kidding aside, I think it is possible if you mean by world peace every individual nation is more or less getting along just fine, but it’ll take time for us as our respective countries and individuals to overcome our hatreds, biases, ignorance, and greed. If we can overcome these, sure why not? But if all else fails, there’s always option A.

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Yes, and as weapon technology advances, it becomes more likely. Since WWII, mutually assured destruction (MAD) has actually ensured there was not another all-out war.

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Only if everybody owns their own self-sufficient spaceship and is not dependent on civilization or other people for their survival, then yes. But if everyone lives in spaceships, that doesn’t really count as world peace, does it?

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@beancrisp It might be worth noting that an absolute ruler (one of the possible definitions of ‘tyrant’ though not, I suspect the original one) is not necessarily a bad thing. Just usually.

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@Nullo – An absolute ruler will almost always become a tyrant. History has demonstrated this many times over. That’s why so many people are opposed to one-world governments that some idealists say are the solution to our problems. Even if the absolute ruler is benevolet, there’s no guarantee that future rulers down the line will continue to be so.

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Yeah, why not? “Human nature”? It changes, like everything else does, even if that’s the main problem; and I don’t think it is. This is not a world designed by the majority.

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I think it’s possible but there are people that are not at all interested in it.

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@HungryGuy I believe that I made that point, albeit somewhat obliquely.

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@HungryGuy Why would a one-world government have to be run by an absolute ruler? Couldn’t it be a Constitutional Republic with a representative democracy? Granted elections would be VERY interesting.

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@HungryGuy, @ETpro or a fully transparent cybernetic system that enforces only free-communication and basic-resource allocation, or something like that.

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It will not be possible as long as war is so much better for a country’s economy than peace and those driven by the pursuit of profit substantially control the priorities of so many governments.

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@zophu Great answer. We truly do not know what technology may provide to make the possibilities of world peace easier to achieve.

@Dr_Lawrence Empires have risen and fallen, but the cost of constant war has bankrupted every single one. It took a very long time for that to happen to the Roman Empire, but the trend since then has been for empires to collapse under the weight of their military budget more and more rapidly as the cost and destruction of war escalates.

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@ETpro In the long run, that has been true. In the short run, my argument is sound and governments only think short term.

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@Dr_Lawrence Short term thinking is the bane of governments and corporations today. But perhaps that can change. Everything does.

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I do not think so, I would like to say yes, but, as long as men have the desire for power and greed for that power and more money I think that some one will always be at war. Even now we only hear about one main war but in reality there are many wars going on I just checked on Cha Cha and there are currently 38 wars going on now in the world.
I tell my children and grandchildren anything is possible and I would love to think that people love the world and the children enough to try and save them both and stop the wars and have peace for the world, however, power and greed is the ultimate when it comes to that and it is sad.

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@ETpro – Maybe, but history has also shown that constitutional republics tend not to be forever either. To wit, the USA (and a few others) almost suffered the same sort of economic metdown that sent the former Soviet Union into oblivion. Perhaps the information age has changed the dynamic just enough that a given type of government, once in place, can last indefinitely. But who really knows?

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The world is at peace.

We just do not like the process.

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Until man can become a better being and progress beyond themselves we won’t have a world peace anytime soon.

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