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Would you join me in a trip around the world?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) August 26th, 2010

Or, have you travelled extensively?

Backpack and tent style?

Ever want to just pack it all up and go?

Inspired by this article/clip

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I have packed it all up and went. It was exciting. I can be spontaneous. I have been all over the US. Not abroad. Would like to do that someday.

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What has shaving to do with traveling around the world?
No, i wouldn’t nothing personal join you.
I have not seen that much of the world yet, and there are quite some countries and places i would like to visit in future years, but the first big travel i want to to is going to Greece, to move there, to live there, with my girlfriend.
That is going to take all of my energy and money i am sure.
So, nothing left for to join you, @zen_
But i am sure you will find some Jellies!

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I haven’t travelled the world,but do manage alot of solo road trips and I love them! :)

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Let’s go. I’ve got my passport.

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@rebbel Shaving? Is that a hidden code – or did I miss something? I only put serious topics nowadays – I was threatened by a certain mod that rhymes with Shmoggie – she said they’d cut my supply of questions if I didn’t start writing real topics and not the usual Jeruba – sigh – stuff. And jokes. Damn – it was an endless source of mirth for me…

@seek (edited): Let’s go in uniform costume.

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Just reading your Q & A is a trip for me.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies A tear appeared. Thanks.

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I haven’t had a chance to travel much at all during my life. If I had the money, I would.

A friend sent me all her photos from studying in Oxford. She went on a mini-vacation in France, Italy, and Netherlands after her semester ended. I was beyond jealous.

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“Ever want to just pack it all up and go?”

Every day. And one day I am going to do it. I mean you only go around once.

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@ChazMaz You got my number PM – let me know.

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I’d be open to receiving Jelly visitors… in a surf-my-couch kind of a way…

Have visited Canada, America, Brazil, Belgium, Holland, Austria, France, Spain and Ireland… and live in the UK of course… but none of it was on my own adventure as such, unfortunately…

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No hidden code.
The first milliseconds, when watching the video, i was confused by the Gilette commercial then i thought: “What the hell has shaving to do with world traveling?”.
I am not used yet to ad-added-content.

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I would love to travel even more than I already have, but my idea of roughing it is a 2-star hotel. I’m a homebody these days. My passion for theater keeps me tied down quite a bit.

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@rebbel It’s a difficult subject to talk about… I know. But we’re in luck! Our shaving problems are over… Pack your bags!

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At last, i was waiting for that for years.
Waxing your peep and especially your peep is quite hurtful.

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I’ve traveled the world, seen it at it’s worst and have no desire to travel any more. Just the humiliating hassle associated with today’s air travel is reason enough for me to stay put. As for meeting people, it’s been my experience that those who know me on-line tend to be severely disappointed (read turned-off) by meeting me in person; better to be semi-anonymous.

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I’m ready with bells on. Come on, where are you? I am waiting….........

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Lots of Europe, America once, Tunisia, Mauritius, China, Tibet, India twice, Nepal, Dominican Republic and Cuba several times. Travel is like Heroin for me, it’s where i am happiest.

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Gadzooks, if it includes the Valley of the Kings, The Great Wall of China, Easter Island, Cook Islands, Tungusta, and NO FLYING COMMERCIAL I will be up for it, however, you will have to have a plan for me to pay my rent and utilities for the time I would be gone. ;-)

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If on a ship it would be the answer to my dreams. Yes.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land that’s sad, unless you’re in the navy the military isn’t perhaps the best way to see the world, or see the world at it’s best.

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@rebbel All of my questions have ad-added-content – you must be used to it by now. Oh, they’re there – just subliminally.

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<< Opens a Heineken.

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Carlsberg for me. Cheers. Quite possibly the best beer in the world.

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If you can fund it, I can help make it fun and intriguing.

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How so, @Dr_Lawrence. I’m intrigued.

Maybe Andrew and Ben want to help fund it – and I’d wear a Fluther T the whole time.


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@zen_ does this mean you arent talking about boobs anymore??

Whats travel without boobs??

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^ True dat. Back on track… sometimes KKK is a good thing

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You were just waiting to whip those out….werent you :):)

whats better about travel…architecture…or boobs??

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@mammal In the Army, you get to see all the armpits and assholes of the world. Sometimes you see some beautiful wilderness areas, but rarely any nice populated places.

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Some people travel the world chasing tornadoes and volcanoes; I search for beaches and boobs – preferably at the same time, same place.

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I like to chase food.

preferably near a beach with boobs

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Wait, what am I talking about. I live in Florida. Near a beach.

Should I have the need for mountains?

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Mountains as a metaphor?

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Yes, then I do have mountains also.

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Ahhh. mountains.

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Only after I got to know you better. I have traveled quite a bit and plan on traveling even more. Working on having more money and time to do it. I have hiked and backpacked all over the country and would like to see more of the world going forward. I love traveling and seeing new places!

Joe from Backpack and Gear

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