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You gotta have some funny examples of couples names, or names that became funny upon marriage?

Asked by zen_ (6248points) August 26th, 2010

You know, like Zen and Zena Zenith, or Beryl and Cheryl Weinstein.

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I know a Don and Don. They refuse to use nicknames, and revel in complex conversations where people have to stay alert to know who’s who.

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A friend of mine,(now divorced) said her married name was “Bitch”...does that count—giggles—;)

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I was speaking to Holly Day earlier this week… and I know a Ms Short who married and became Mrs Long (for real!)...

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There were two brothers called Oliver and Walter McAuley, otherwise known as Olly and Wally McAuley

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I know a couple of weird names.
A girl in high school was named Holly, and when she married, she was then called Holly Woods.
and another girl Katherine, married a guy whose last name is Fish. So now she is called KatFish.

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Dick and Kitty. I KID YOU NOT.

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I know a Sandy and Harry Pitts. True story.

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Crystal Clearwater lived on Spring Street in Windsor Locks. A lotta water. LOL ;-)

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My husband has a friend named Ashley, whose wife’s name is Sean.

No one ever gets them straight on the first try.

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I had a friend named Dusty Key.

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Paige Turner, Justin Case, Anna Sasin, and others, in this article.
”...and Les Plack – a dentist in San Francisco…”

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Our meterologist – John Winter – committed suicide a few years ago.

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That is sad.
Over his name, or his wrong forecasts?

Here’s one more from that site:
“My name was Susan Frame. I am a lawyer. I met and married Robert who is a banker. His surname is Mee. Now we are Sue Mee, a lawyer, and Rob Mee, a banker – ironic? I have taken no end of stick for this, believe me.
Susan Mee, Doncaster”

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I knew a woman named Candy who married and took the last name of Treat. True.

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When I was younger I knew a girl named Kandi Kirkendol and I found out that she married a guy with the last name, Apple. She’s now Kandi Apple.

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I had a boss named Theo Kock. How would you like to be Mrs. Kock?

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I knew an engaged couple, his name Ed Ache, lovely man. His fiancee’s name was Penny Cillin. They were made for each other. Alas for them it was not meant to be. A bitter pill to swallow but their sorrow did heal in time, which was nice :¬) Yes you’re right I made this up. It’s a cry for help more than anything else, i’m filling up…. XD

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At work, when I was doing customer service, a woman called to update her details because she’d just got married. Her old name was Miss Love. Her new name was Mrs Storey. I have also encountered customers called Harry Potter and Tom Riddle.

When I was a kid there was a teacher in my school called Mr Chalk. (I guess nowadays he’d have to be called Mr Dry-Wipe-Marker-Pen for it to be funny. I don’t think schools even use chalk anymore).

The funniest ever was during a cricket commentary. Michael Holding was batting for the West Indies and Peter Willey was bowling for England. And the commentator said “The batsman’s Holding the bowler’s Willey”. That became a legend.

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Pat and Terry – the woman is Pat

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I worked with a woman called Theresa who married Mr Jonathan Green so now trees are green.

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Helen Back

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Kathy Lipps married Don Gumm so she became Kathy Lipps Gumm.

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There are some real life beauties here

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A Christopher Jones and Christine married (they both went by the nickname Chris.
They named their son Christopher Jones Jr. and their daughter Melena. I always thought she must either feel really bad and left out or really grateful that she was not also a “Chris Jones”. ( I wonder why they didn’t name her Christin or Christina?)

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I knew a Holly Wood back in high school.

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One of my senior physicians was Dr. Pecker. I don’t think his wife took his name when they married!

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My Driver’s Ed. teacher was Mr. Carr. I also had a teacher named Donald McDonald.

I have a friend whose brother is (well, was; he died of a drug overdose) Mike Hunt.

I once met a Robin Banks.

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My brother had a teacher named Pearl Button.

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One of my sisters has been a flight attendant with Delta based out of Los Angeles for 30 years. She often spent her time in comedy clubs and would meet celebrities now and then. She met Bruce Willis and they dated for a short time. this was before Demi. My sister’s name is Phyllis. We thought it would be hilarious if she became Phyllis Willis.

Of course they didn’t marry, but I love to share this story.

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* A hotel guest named Spider Webb (that was what was printed on his AX credit card)
* The married couple Sandy and Virginia Beach
* Niece of a co-worker – Paris France
* Another co-worker – Kelley Kelly (or was it Kelly Kelley?)
* Alabama, US, sisters Southern, Dixie and Rebel

The only one I’ve heard that made me cringe was when a co-worker and his wife named their son “Justin”. The child must be 21 by now, out in the world and introducing himself. “Hi, I’m Justin Egge.”

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Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bush! This is true. Live here.

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Mr. A. B. Dick… owns a printing company.

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@BoBo1946 Too bad it’s not B. A. Dick printing company.

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I know of an עינב גפן – phonetically, einav gefen, which means grape vineyard.

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My husband works with a woman named Justin..her husband is Chris. So she can go by either name (she says she does for things like credit card companies..)

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My first wife and I were Florence and Lawrence.

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Holly Wood

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If Dana Elaine Owens married Lawrence Harvey Zeiger that would be funny.

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@AstroChuck Maybe I’m dense but I don’t see the humour you are pointing out. Please explain so I can be embarrassed at missing your point.

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@Dr_Lawrence Queen Latifah and Larry King.

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Thank you for clearing that up! I know who they are! What a match that would be.
Just a little chagrined at this point ~

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Sorry. I figured more might figure out who I was referencing. Queen King was what I was going for.

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Or maybe Mr Queen ;-)

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@AstroChuck I wouldn’t have figured that out. I know who Queen Latifa is, but I didn’t know her real name. Larry King – never heard of him.

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@downtide- Perhaps you have to be a Yank to know who Larry King is.

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i kid you not. i know a gay couple and both there names are matthew

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