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How can I entertain myself?

Asked by michaeloliva (36points) August 26th, 2010

I get pretty bored sometimes. Does anyone know anything fun and addicting(and cheap) that will take up a few hours.

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Pop in a movie and pop some popcorn. Do you have those Blockbuster expresses or Red Box where you live? You can get movies for a $1.

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Fluther is fun, addicting and free. It will take up hours of your time. Stick around, you’ll see.
And welcome to fluther.

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Write a story. Compose a song. Paint a picture. Build a model. Knit a sock.

In other words, learn a new skill, especially something creative, and then practice it. Good for lots of hours, and satisfying besides. Art and skill are great for your self-esteem, too. There’s nothing like accomplishing something that you’re proud of.

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Popcap Adventures Bookworm Vol 2. It is totally addicting!

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You always have your mind, It’s free, and most people never run out of things to think about.

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fluther, read a book, excercise, play video games, shave different patterns on your face, go to, stare at people while listening to music, this list could go on and on

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Volunteer to help somebody in your neighborhood, like an elderly person—not for money, just to be friendly. You could mow their lawn, clean out their garage, run errands for them like to the grocery store, or read a book to them.

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Learn to juggle and play the harmonica….oh…while river dancing of course!!

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@Cruiser is a closet river dancer.

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@chyna Yeah I admit it and it’s not as easy as it sounds river dancing in a closet!

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Learn an instrument.

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Can you tell us a little about yourself? What have you found that you are interested in?

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Put on some of your favorite tunes and craft yourself an inspiration board. Get a glue stick and a bunch of magazines and a board. Fill it with your hopes and dreams and inspiring words, places you want to travel to etc. When your done put it up as a daily reminder of what you want out of life :)

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Do what I do. Blast music while playing dress up in all my skimpy clothes and high heels and modeling/dancing in front of my full length mirror while I sing at the top of my lungs! It’s rather silly but that’s the point.

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@Akua Oooh, skimpy dress up? Sounds like Ke$ha!

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@Arp who is Ke$ha? LOL

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Tap into your creativity. Try out different things such as painting, writing, composing music. The list is endless and you’ll never get bored

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Dig in your back yard.

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Shadow puppets?

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With, you can have fun at the same time as perform a community service.

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@Arp so thats Ke$ha huh? Nice.

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I also entertain myself sometimes by throwing water balloons out of the window at the little kids playing in the parking lot. Now before I get the outpour of emotion and people feeling sorry for these little mongrels, let me say that these kids are anthing but innocent. They are out at all times of day and night unsupervised by their alcoholic drugged out parents. They set off all the car alarms and throw glass bottle all over the parking lot so that when we drive into it to park our tired go flat. They are demon spawn.

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