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Some people clean their glass bongs with acetone. How dangerous is that?

Asked by Kraigmo (8150points) August 27th, 2010

If a bong is cleaned with acetone and then rinsed… is there any danger of residual acetone? Does acetone cling to glass surface or does it slipslide?

I’ve already tried doing rudimentary research on this issue with search engines, but to no good avail.

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Don’t!!!! DO it.

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Why would they do that, when rubbing alcohol works really well, is cheap, easy to obtain, and can be rinsed off easily? Not that I have any experience in this area or anything.

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The acetone should evaporate completely from the glass if given enough time. But why not do as @MissAnthrope suggests? The alcohol is far less toxic and works just as well at removing residues.Pure grain ethanol would be even better.

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Acetone is an excellent solvent for cutting through oils and grease and is used because it will evaporate and not leave an oily residue. The big problem with acetone is the odor and of course the voc’s. I wouldn’t use rubbing alcohol as that will leave a film…use the denatured alcohol version and rinse with warm water.

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Wouldn’t risk it… There is an awesome cleaner on the market that works wonders in less than 3 minutes. I’ll find the name of it when I get home (from work…).

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I forgot that I used to use Effordent denture cleaning tabs and left it fresh minty clean! HS that was so long ago! LOL! Also NEVER use solvents in acrylic smoking paraphernalia as it will cause cracks and ultimately destroy it!

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I used to do glassblowing as a hobby in college. I’d make many Pyrex glass recreational smoking apparatus for people. I found that ordinary laboratory glass cleaning soap and a cleaning brush did a good job. Rinse well with deionized water and air dry. Nice and clean, no nasty residues.

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@Cruiser – Good point there.. I ruined a little plastic, er, water pipe by soaking it in alcohol. It’s one of those times where I pretty much knew it wasn’t a good idea, but for whatever reason, did it anyway (I broke a camera once after ignoring my inner warnings, so that is not new for me). Anyway, I was sad. It was a great little piece and I’d had it since I was 18.

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I use 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol and sea salt. These are the ingredients in products you can get at head shops like Formula 420 & Agent Orange, just without the food coloring and scent and way cheaper. Then rinse.

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Acetone is not the kind of thing you want on a glass tube. It’s simply not good for you to inhale. High proof alcohol and granulated salt is a tried and proven method. It is also very cheap. For that extra bit of shine and removal of water spots, use a small amount of dish soap and warm water. Rinse well and change water frequently for optimum flavor!

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