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If I gave you a hundred dollars, What would you do with it?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) August 27th, 2010

Just for fun.

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Hire a bouncy castle and make a punch, and enjoy both with some friends.

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@serafina How old are you? heehee.. Actually sounds fun.

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@Frenchfry 29! It IS an alcoholic punch!!

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Gadzooks, I would put it to some job training….or at least it would be the start of the war fund for it.

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Wish it was £100!!

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@ucme I am not good at the foreign exchange of money. But $100 in your money. I wonder what you can buy for a $100 over there?Hmmmm..

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@Frenchfry Yeah okay, i’d most likely blow it on the kids.Maybe some xbox games,that would get me three & some change.

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Treat myself to a manicure & pedicure and probably buy an e-book. Ummm, might even be able to squeeze in a bottle of wine.

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Buy a power amp for my boat stereo…boat stereos are never loud enough and head up to the sand bar for some mid-afternoon sun soaking and jams. ;)

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Put gas in the tank of my car.

Order some pizza. Throw the rest in the change jar.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Fill the Packard’s gas tank and go for a ride.

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get a new pup fund

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$2 for a thank you card to you
$48 for gas for me
$50 for dinner for the extended family

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I was going to say I’d change it into pounds, but I don’t think the exchange rate is that good at the mo, so I guess I would save it up to come visit! :-)

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Either put it directly into my savings account or buy you dinner.

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I would put it toward the purchase of a new couch. Although the boys are still pulling for a ball pit in the living room to replace the old furniture.

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My son still needs his Physics book for college. It’s going to cost $167. That would certainly help!

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My first thought was to cook you and your husband up two of the best dry aged porterhouse steaks $100 can buy, with some asparagus and potatoes.

But you might be vegetarian. Can’t risk that.

So maybe a track day out at Buttonwillow with my buddies.

A date? A wine tasting event at TheWinehouse (Scotch, if she’s game.) But there is no one special right now, so probably a couple of In-n-out double-doubles animal style & fries, and a $92 bottle of Cabernet.

Alt – a Father’s Office burger with a new friend, sitting at the bar watching a Padres game, and drinking as many alternating Arrogant Bastard and Racer 5 ales (she drinks beer) as we could stand. And then walking back to my place and having loud, giggly, sloppy, howling monkey-fuck sex such that the neighbors are doing facepalms – in the afternoon.

Alt-2 – bicycle ride with my crew up to Santa Barbara (via Ojai) and buy everyone’s train ticket back. (Conveniently, they have Stone Brewery beer on the train.) Or down to San Diego and train back. Up to the group. San Diego has the considerable advantage of having a Pizza Port next to a train station. Double pepperoni, double cheese, bacon bits (on top – not under cheese) – best pizza ever made.

Alt 3 – a gift card from CPK – used exclusively for their key lime pies

Alt 4 – 4 cases of Arrogant Bastard (cases have 6 22oz bomber bottles)

Alt 5 – a bottle of Distillers Edition Lagavulin (1993 if they have it, or 1991)

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Save it :)

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Give it back to you one dollar at a time. Just for fun, I mean.

(I hope you’re a chick.)

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Go out to dinner for my anniversary, which is today.

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Happy anniversary @marinelife!

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I’d use it for the hair appointment, manicure, and pedicure I have scheduled to get done before my husband comes home on R&R.

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I would have enough to buy this camera I want! I would be very excited. But then again, I’m having my birthday party tomorrow and I bet I’ll get a lot of money….that’s just what my friends give. I remember being able to guess about what was in the bag/box/oddly-wrapped present…

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I’d buy the new boots I’ve wanted for ages. I’d use the change to take myself and a friend for dinner wearing the new boots of course

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@Frenchfry Actually, I’d like to spend it taking you out for a lovely meal in gratitude for your generosity. Karma in action. :^)

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I’d blow it all on iTunes in a few minutes.

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I need new shoes. I’d spend the remainder on a meal, probably.

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I’d go on down to the ”Aunt Sally’s Boutique” near me and stock up on some autumn clothes, and buy some groceries.

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Treat you and myself to a pedicure and lunch.

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@marinelife Happy Anniversary~Lovely! This was fun. Awwwww! You guys have a heart of gold. I would be happy to dine with you all that said. I had fun reading your answers. @kevbo I am a girl.

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$40 for a 60 min. massage in chinatown for me and Hubby. A bottle of wine with the last $20.

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I’d like to find five strangers that are down on their luck and give them each $20.

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On second thought, decent dinner, $30 bucks; night at a sleaze bag hotel, $50 bucks; movie night with minimal snacks, $20 bucks; finding out in the hotel room that she swallows and takes it up the a**, priceless!

F*** Mastercard it pays to Discover.

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Well, that would almost cover the power bill.

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Fill the car up with petrol. Thanks Ff

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I’d be responsible and give it to my parents for 2 months worth of cell phonage.

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I’d go shopping but probably unsuccessfully as whenever i am poor the shops are full of clothes i love but when i have money there is notbing ro buy!

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Put $20 worth of gas in the car, buy lunch at Sonic, go to a secondhand dvd store and load up on Sharpe dvds for my mom. she loves him.

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$100 is about £60. With that I would treat me and my partner to a nice meal out and a bottle of wine.

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