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left and right, not center

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Oh, forgot myself: usually left, never center, rarely right.

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What an odd question! I chew mainly on the right side.

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Right. Interesting question, klaas.

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Left… I just naturally lean that way!

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Well, I asked out of curiosity and because I’m chewing right now. ;-)

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That’s almost as thought provoking as asking if you put left foot first or right when you walk! I don’t recommend trying both at the same time tho.

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So, you’re hanging out chewing gum and watching your iTunes reset itself? Cool…

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Oh, did I mention it was already solved? ;-)

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Oh good, glad to hear it!

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“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.”
(my brother said that once…)

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Which foot would you do that with?

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That depends where the person is:
If the one who gets a kick in the butt is on my right, I’d kick ‘em with my left foot.
If he’s on my left, I’d kick ‘em with my right foot.

Not that I’d kick anyone in the ass…

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Oh yeah, you could definitely get more momentum THAT way…

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Just make sure you don’t have gum in your mouth when you attempt this. I don’t want you to get hurt!

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Okay, I’ll remember that ;-)

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Actually both left and right when I first pop it in and it’s full of flavor. After a while though, probably the right.

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Can’t chew it it sticks to my denture—and that is a huge bummer—I loved popping bubbles at my kids when I was younger!

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All! Left and right side to chew and center to blow my bubbles!

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I’m not too sure how you would chew your gum in the center of you mouth (like with your tongue?). If you mean with the front teeth, I get that. I actually usually chew with my front two teeth and every once in a while I chew on the right.

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Eastside, when facing North! Right

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I’d say D) All of the above!

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Left. Weird. I never thought about it before. Hmm, I’m also left handed. Anyone else use their dominant side?

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@syz ~ yes, I am right handed. I think it could also be influenced by existing teeth though, for example if you have any molars missing, etc.

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I’m also a right handed right chewing person!

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Hmm, I’m a right-handed left chewing person…

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I chew on all three sides.

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all three but most on the right side i think…

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Right. Mainly.

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