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Aging rock stars who were once stunning back in the day; name a few?

Asked by Jude (32134points) August 27th, 2010

Only a few.

Crap, I had no idea how beautiful David Gilmour was

The boys be trippin’ here.

I’d switch teams in a heartbeat. He’s so pretty. Look at the those blue eyes and those lips.

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Oh Dave was very sexy so was Ozzy Osbourne in his day.

Oh and Jim Morrison Phooar what a waste!

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David Gilmour is still the man.

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I still think David Gilmour is :)
This guy was pretty good looking.
He had nice “teefies” XD rock on little man in the extremely tight bloomers ;)

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There is nothing sexier than a beautiful man (or woman) who is talented and can write such wonderful music.

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Robert Plant.

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He didn’t get to age since he died, but I think Jeff Buckley was gorgeous.

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Does anybody remember what sweet baby James Taylor looked like when he was young and had tons of hair? There are videos floating around of him performing on a British R&R show. He’s in a very casual setting surrounded by an audience of young guys, and you can’t believe how young and attractive he is.

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Pat Benatar was electrifyingly hot!

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Not normally stuck on blondes but for her an exception is mandatory. Great song too, which is nice. Edit: sorry for the glitch, back on track now :¬)

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@ucme You’ve done it again! hahahaha

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Jim Morrison?

He went from young to dead. lol

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@serafina What am I like? Not even drunk yet, no excuse :¬D

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James Taylor back in the day. I had a poster of him in my bedroom.

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@ChazMaz I did mention “what a waste”...he was better looking in his earlier days way before his death.

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@ucme Yeah yeah, pub lunch i bet!

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@serafina Now you made me spill my drink….hic! ;¬}

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brett michaels, I think that’s his name
ozzy osbourne
and then this one one from some band that I don’t remember the name of… he has wrinkles and his american.

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My first thought was Stevie Nicks – but at 62 she’s still pretty not that bad.

Keith Richards is the traditional cliché for variance. Or perhaps Elvis.

Michael Schenker was a good looking kid, before he pulled an early Elvis.

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Ya know. Stevie Nicks is what Carrie Fisher should have turned out to look like.

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@ChazMaz Now that you say that, I can see a resemblance.

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Dave Gilmour may be showing his age, but the voice is still there; Richard Wright’s death has pretty much killed Pink Floyd though. Elton John is a parody of what he was 40 years ago, just milking his fame, should hang it up. The remaining Moody Blues still have their talent, I wish they could get Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder back, at least for one last great performance. Annie Haslam is still wonderful; pity I had to miss the Renaissance show at Trois-Rivieres. Carole King is still amazing as ever. Siouxie Sioux seems to be in a time stasis.

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Grace Slick

Here’s a link to pictures of some rockers and how they’ve aged. Warning: While some still look pretty good, there are a few that may break your heart.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Pat Benetar and Stevie Nicks are still lovely. Meat Loaf seems to have improved with age. Gracie Slick is scary!

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Joan Jett

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@jjmah Joan still looks and sounds good.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thank you for the link. Meatloaf seemed to have improved his looks. Joan Jett still looks good as a few others. Most of those in the link didn’t age will though.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I just think you were being nice about your Grace Slick comment!

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Michael Stipe was once very pretty and had great masses of hair.

Daryl Hall is almost 64 today and looks great (thought I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had some “assistance”), but even into his early 40s, he was a hella sexy beast.

Grace Slick was beautiful once upon a time, wasn’t she?

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@aprilsimnel Is that picture of Daryl Hall when he is 64 years old? If so, he looks fantastic. And if he did have a little “assistance” at least it was very subtle and he doesn’t look like Sly Stallone, all stretched back.

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@aprilsimnel that’s what I was thinking about Grace Slick. I thought that she was beautiful then.

She hasn’t aged well, no.

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@chyna – It’s from early 2009, when he was 62. John looks horrible now. He needs that pornstache.

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Chrissie Hines from the Pretenders and Bonnie Raitt…...

hot guys??? not the ones I’ve done, cept the horn player

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@aprilsimnel You are right, John looks bad. I do think the ‘stache would help. I think he’s a short little guy too. Maybe about 5’2?

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Yeah, John’s not much taller than me. 5’3” or 5’4”, I think.

Peter Gabriel used to be so cute. And now he looks like one of my old uni profs.

As for Mr Gilmour, there’s a doc I once saw of them from the old days. I was a fan then (still am), but I never thought of their looks, you know? And there’s one moment where David is on guitar, and then he smiles. I think my heart stopped. His face was just so beautiful in that shot. Syd Barrett was also a cutie in his youth. Alas, poor Syd.

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How about Peter Frampton…He still has a nice…. smile!!!

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I’ve always felt guilty for thinking David Bowie looked the most stunning during his Thin White Duke era (considering he was incredibly unhealthy at the time), but when you look this amazing in a mug shot… I mean, damn.

I think he still looks fit at 63.

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Long haired bands were in~
I had a thing for Guns~n~Roses.
I wanted to do the whole band, LOL

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Hmmm, normal service seems to have resumed! As expected.

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Stevie Nicks, Blondie, Ronnie Spector, Joan Jett

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@jjmah there is no pain, you are receding, literally in Dave Gilmour’s case lol, but yeah he sure was purdy. :)

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I think Nick Cave was so Hot in the 80’s, 90’s-on not so much. He looks old and fugly :(

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Chaz Jankel, 1982: Yes, please!

Chaz Jankel, 2009: Not bad-looking, but definitely older.

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Irrelevant: The only good musicians are the ones you have never heard of :P

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Debbie from Blondie

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Kim Gordon, Michelle Phillips

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