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Have you had any experiences that were so surreal that they felt like a dream or a scene from a movie?

Asked by jfos (7380points) August 27th, 2010

I had one of these experiences once at a bar. The place was decorated in a way I can’t explain, let alone remember precisely. The people there were very strange. I had this odd feeling that something I was unaware of was going on.

I don’t think anything lasting actually happened to me there, but I still remember it as being very dreamlike or even reminiscent of a movie scene.

Have you ever had something like this happen? If so, please share.

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Yep! One December I was swinging on a rope swing out over a frozen river when the rope snapped. Everything just went super slow motion….it was so surreal to watch the snapped rope serpentine across my field of vision as I tried to comprehend all that was now happening. I saw every fiber on that rope and then I looked down to see the ice slowly getting closer and closer. I had time to write a novel it seemed….I covered every element of that moment….the temperature outside I thought was cold enough to have really thick ice and I would just land on my ass and everyone would laugh at my misfortune. I put my hand down to break my fall and as my hand touched the ice and I heard that first “crack” I again resurveyed every possible option…but then all of a sudden “CRASH” I was underwater again still in super slow mo and I saw all the shattered ice floating all around me even a bluegill I saw seemed shocked surprised by my sudden appearance. I felt the bottom of the river….pushed off and was hit by a shock to the system of no comparison….every sense was overloaded by the cold and pain I was hit with and as I sucked my first breath of air….time accelerated like I was on a rocket sled to that first scream out of my mouth….HS I am so cold!!!

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@Cruiser You’re a great writer.

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Many times, actually, because I relate moments in my life so strongly to movies.

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I was once walking along the street when we lived on an island. My foot came down sideways on the edge of the asphalt.

I fell, but it happened very slowly, and I saw the sky in an arc as I was falling, and I could hear crows cawing (like laughter) and I could see every shade of color and blade of grass in aching detail.

It was just like a scene from a movie.

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Yes, my wedding a couple weeks ago. After the ceremony, reception, and first dance… when my wife and I finally got to sit down at our table… I turned to her and said, “Did that just happen?”.

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I was standing on top of a small mountain overlooking the island of St. Maarten. The temperature and weather were perfect and I could see this whole small island in the middle of the vast ocean. I regularly place music into scenes from my life and memories, so I was thinking of my favorite song (Nujabes – Horizon) and it was just quiet and serene. This also caused a barrage of good memories to come to life in my head. I could have sat there for a long time thinking about everything from anthropology to zoology lol.

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Oh my gosh YES! My then fiance and I attended my sister’s wedding up north. She married into a family who were…. different from how I was brought up. My fiance had dressed to match my gown, I was maid of honor. Anyway, there was a party at the groom’s mom’s house later and we all went. My fiance and I took my younger brother and the three of us still had on our nice clothes. Everybody at the party were wearing jeans, smoking crack or something and passing around a pitcher of beer that they kept filled from a keg. I tried to be social and I took one drink from the pitcher, but I was really uncomfortable. The groomes brother was 6’6’’ and was wearig theses big furry boots that acame up to almost his knees, and the sister was…. not someone that any of us wanted to talk to. She asked my fiance to dance when I was out of the room and he told her no. The next thing I knew, I heard him say to her “What the fuck are you looking at?” She threw the pitcher of beer in his face. I was freaked out completely. Mark very calmly went to the sink and splashed water on his face, dried off and said “Lets go.” so we did. As the three of us were backing out they all came boiling out the door and the brother did a bizarre gorilla imitation, hopping up and down, waving his arms and shouting. The sister had the keg OVER her head and threw it at our car. (We were in a ford 500.) As we drove down this dirt road, we saw headlights coming up on us. They were in a red pickup and they passed us and came to a stop slantwise cross the road. The brother jumped out and did the gorilla thing again. Mark just calmly drove around them and kept going. I started slipping sideways into a dimension of unreality. My brother, who was fifteen, was in the back seat and kept saying “You better go faster.” I would look over at Mark and he was SO calm I couldn’t believe it. They followed us probably five or six miles up that dirt road, then all they way up US 23 back into town. Several times they got next to us and anctually RAMMED our car. Sideswiped us. It was like a movie with a high speed chase but we didn’t have a script. Coming around the last couple hairpin turns into town, they lost is and rolled their truck. We just kept going to the State Police post. The whole thing was completely unreal.
The really weird thing is they followed us there and tried to say that we had attacked them, they were just some wounded innocents going on a beer run.
My sister, who saw none of the incident, was mad at me for a long time for starting a fight on her wedding night. Lord knows what they told her.

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@erichw1504 Congrats on your marriage! Good luck to you both!

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Me and my boyfriend visited Antelope Canyon which is in northern Arizona. If you don’t recognize the name, google it and you’ll know what it is. I had seen pictures for years but being there was fucking unreal. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life, and so perfect and natural and shocking, really. It was hard to wrap my head around the fact that this canyon was carved by WIND over so many years I couldn’t even comprehend. Just….yeah. go.

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@marinelife I experience that every time I fall. Each winter I slip on ice and end up on my ass at least once and I always have the time, as I’m going down, to think (quite calmly!) “Oh, great. Here I go again.”

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My childhood.

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In college, I’d babysat for a nice couple, at their home several times. One night the wife said I could bring a girlfriend, that her friend was leaving her baby with us too, and they were going to a movie. Before they left, she told me that she and her husband had separated and were getting a divorce. They assured us they would be home by 11pm. It was past 11pm, when we thought we heard someone outside the house, at different places. We were getting nervous, when there was a knock at the door. We asked who it was, it was the husband. We left the chain on and opened the door. Asked about where his wife was, we said at a movie with a girlfriend. He, and his friend were really big men and we suspected they had been drinking. He was very nice and they left. We later found out they parked their car in the dark where they could watch the house. The two women had met two men, and been at the girlfriend’s house, when they finally realized how late it was. The girlfriend, and one of the men, came to pay us, and send us home. The wife was to drive home soon after them. The girlfriend went back to the bedroom to see the babies. The man was standing in the livingroom with us. All of a sudden there was a hugh crash! The husband and his friend hit the front door so hard it fell in with the doorframe! The husband grabbed the man and started beating the sh.. out of him! He fell to the floor and the husband started kicking him and yelling, “SO, YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S BREAKING UP MY MARRIAGE!” We were behind adjacent doors watching and yelling for him to stop! He paused long enough to look around and menacingly snarl, “Does anyone else want some of the same?” The girlfriend ran in screaming no, he’s a friend of her’s and didn’t have anything to do with the wife! She said he better leave before the neighbors called the police! They left. We were getting out of there too! She caught up with us at the car and thrust a piece of paper in my hand and told me to call the wife and warn her not to come home that night, that she’d take care of the babies! Yes, very scary, with the sound outside, and then the men at the door. But when the door crashed in, it all became very surrealistic and in slow motion. We drove really fast to get where we could call!

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