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Are REI water bottles worth it?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) August 27th, 2010

I need to get a new water bottle. Are the one’s at REI worth the price, or can I get one just as good somewhere else?

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Depends. I’ve seen some amazing blow-out prices at REI. (SRV is never optimal.)

BPA free is the buzz. REI would be in a position to confirm that, vs. some dollar store bottle.

My criteria is how long am I going to use it. If only for a season, I’ll go as cheap as I can find (preferably free). If long term, I pay whatever (yuppie scum that I am) to have something nice like the perfect color/size Nalgene. Art as much as function.

CamelBak are tearing up the market for a reason. Their products are outstanding!

What’s the bottle to be used for?

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All the cheap ones I have ever bought start leaking after less than 3 months. My CamelBak’s are going >1 year, and still not leaking. I got those for $12 at REI.

Note that BPA was found in the epoxy liner of famous and expensive “BPA-free” Siig bottles. Ha!

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I don’t know what REI is but I have a Nalgene bottle identical to this one and I LOVE it. I’ve had it for a little over a year now. That thing has taken a beating over and over and it’s still holding up like the day I bought it. They’re only like $10 too which isn’t too bad.

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My kids and I have BPA free Camelback bottles which we picked up at REI. We’ve had them for a couple years, and other than replacing the bite valves they’re good as new. One caveat- they don’t work well in a bike holder.

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No. I’m pretty sure all water bottles are made in the same factory in China.

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