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Ladies, when you get flowers does it matter how the card is signed?

Asked by kevbo (25621points) August 27th, 2010 from iPhone

Would it detract from the overall event if your admirerer signed the card “you know who- the elk hunter” or is that nitpicking?

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Cute….and funny. haha

It’s the thought that counts, really it is. imo

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It’s the flowers that count.

The message is between you and her. It could say anything personal and even cryptic (to an onlooker), from Wassup my Burger Queen, to Love you more as each day goes by, hope we’re together until I die.

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sounds awesome

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The flowers are the main event. A cute, silly card just enhances the gift of flowers.

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I think adding something special to the card adds to getting the flowers. A private joke between the two of you, a sweet poem, whatever it is, it shows an added thought to it.

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I think it’s cute. I’m assuming that it is some sort of term of endearment and a little joke between yourselves. I think it’s more romantic than a generic comment.

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It would add a bit of spice.

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I think it’s sweet! :)

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It sounds a lot better than the card that Ray got Deborah on Everybody Loves Raymond after she was noodging him about not being romantic. He signed it “O.K.?”

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As long as she knows who it’s from and wants to be receiving flowers from this person.

If she’s terrified of a guy called The Elk Hunter, then yeah, probably not a good idea. If she’s been on a few dates with and likes a guy and there’s some little joke about an elk hunter, then it’s adorable.

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Cute.! I think the person will love it.

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I think in this case the guy mainly likes to hunt elk and talk about hunting and read hunting magazines and drives a Dodge RAM the like. Like that’s how he identifies himself. I get stupid inside jokes and cute pet names, but this strikes me as more along the lines of a guy with rough edges. Anyway, I’m obviously the minority opinion, but I would have probably picked some other characteristic to highlight.

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Depends on the girl. If she likes humor, go for it. Its cute and funny. If she doesn’t, Id say go with the sappy romance stuff.

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