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Why does Timbaland always says "freaky freaky" in his songs?

Asked by factoryjoe (59points) August 27th, 2010

In songs like “4 Minutes” with Madonna, Timbaland keeps saying “freaky freaky”. What’s up with that?

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Timbaland is a producer, many producers like lil jon do whats called tagging their beat. Basically when you hear that “WHAT?!”, “OK” for example, you know its a lil jon beat even if he is not on the track himself.

Also many un-signed producers do this to protect their beat should someone else steal it. This way whoever uses the beat, that tag will always be there as sort of a form of credit.

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Because he’s a penis?

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I guess it does kind of get annoying when people have “signatures” like that, huh?

Now go make me a sanwdich.

Oh wait…

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Yup, that’s his signature just so you know he was involved.

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‘Cause he’s a freaky-deaky-deak? I don’t know. MJ had his “shamon,” so Timbaland’s gotta have his “freaky freaky.”

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@bob_ if you made a #1 hit beat, you would definitely want credit for it ;p There have been many situations where credit has been stolen such as the Justin Timberlake song cry me a river. Timbaland said he produced it, and tagged it when Scott Storch actually came up with most of the beat. Timbaland basically threw some drums on it, and stamped it as his.

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@wgallios If I were a true artist and I had a #1 hit, I wouldn’t care about the credit.

I’d only care about the money.

And since you apparently missed the joke, do go make me a sandwich.

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I see. So “freaky freaky” is just some random nonsense that he uses to tag his beats. I was curious about why he chose that phrase in particular too, but at least now I get why he does it at all!

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My favorite tag has to be the runners. its just a sound of a person breathing. You can hear it in this beat for “Im so hood”, as well as rick ross’ “Hustlin” which was produced by them. Every beat has that breathing sound.

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What everyone else said. Like Ludacris says LUDA every time before he raps ha.

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