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What is on your plate or in your glass right at this moment if you have one next to you?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21514points) August 27th, 2010

What is it that you are drinking or eating at the moment? Are you savoring every bite/sip or just eating/drinking mechanically?

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I’m drinking water but haven’t fixed anything to eat yet.

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Greens, tofu, beans and lemons juice/flaxseed oil mix – same as every day.

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diet cherry 7 up

just had tuna salad on rye open face and it was awesome

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I’m drinking water right now and just finished eating some nachos.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

A cup of coffee and a quesadilla. A winning combo, for sure.

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Ice water.

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Marinara scrapes, bits of herbs, a lone spaghetti noodle.
A pale ring of brown coffee at the bottom of an empty cup.
31oz of water in a 32oz bottle.

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water. i try not to drink diet soda any more as the phosphoric acid is very bad for bones and teeth and robs your body of calcium.

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Iced tea.
I am drinking it mechanically.Yes,I am. ;)

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oatmeal with banana

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Just finished a Mtn Dew, now all I’ve got is water.

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I wonder what CHAZMAZ is eating?!?!?!!?!?

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@erichw1504 won’t you be eating anything just yet or are you just super careful with what you eat?

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@ZEPHYRA I have the most insane metabolism. I could eat burgers and fries for a whole week and not gain a pound.

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@erichw1504 lucky you, but I guess that doesn’t happen all the time, does it?

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@ZEPHYRA I actively try to gain weight, but have only succeeded in a few pounds.

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I had a glass of ice cold tonic water – but I finished it.
Now I have to pee.

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Pizza and water.

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Water and cookies, soon to be water and a sandwich.

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Coffee and cigarettes :(
The shame in it all

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@Deja_vu I am having a energy drink and a smoke! Double shame.

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@Frenchfry Oh no! lmao. As I go for another cig

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An amazing open faced BLT with heirloom tomatoes, homemade aioli, house cured/smoked Berkshire heritage bacon and pea shoots with a Syrah rose from Santa Barbara.
but I have a chef

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@Deja_vu and @Frenchfry I got fudge, a beer, AND a smoke. Triple shame on me….

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Don de Dieu, it’s this crazy 9% beer. It rocks.

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Water and string cheese now (though I don’t really have a plate this time).

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Teeny bits of the inside of a pecan cinnamon roll. Coffee in my coffee cup.

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A mug of coffee, almost empty.

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Milano’s and milk :)

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The same beer from last time lol.

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