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When you have serious discussions, do you tend to beat about the bush or just get straight to the point?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21634points) August 27th, 2010

Do you find it difficult to get to the point directly or do you beat about the bush not knowing quite how to put it? Are you known for your direct attitude or do you go all the way to the moon and back before you discuss something?

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Both. I talk too much in general. It’s one of my many flaws.

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The only bush I beat is my own. Heh, sorry. No, I’m always completely to the point.

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I am very direct as most of my readers on Fluther know.

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@marinelife would you say too direct at times to the point where others may not like to hear the truth spoken?

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Like a pencil to the sharpener. If you get my point :¬)

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I try and go straight to the bulls eye, but I have to struggle with focusing all my personage on the point. I’m a lunatic, and sometime’s it’s even hard to know what’s being asked and what the issue is.

On a second thought I often get in trouble because I tell it like it is a little more than the next guy.
see a perfect example of my split personalities

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@truecomedian join the RAVING/BUMBLING LUNATICS CLUB!

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Is that a real club? Or are you just hating?

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To the point and then I am out of here. Want to argue with me? Then you need a bitch slapping.

No time to jerk around.

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@truecomedian REAL as can be! Never hating, never!

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sounds like fun, I’m just a lunatic though, I don’t rave or bumble.

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You tell me.

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Right to the point. That’s how I like people to be with me. Do I find it easy? Never. But it’s better than making the other person wait for the shoe to drop.

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I ramble sometimes, sad to say.

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@ZEPHYRA I hope not. I certainly do not want to hurt anyone.

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I ramble, yes I do. I should start every statement with: “Well, to make a short story long…”

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Are you talking about stating a position on something or raising a personal issue with a friend or SO? I am very direct in stating my opinions; it will sometimes take me longer to engage in a personal confrontation.

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My problem is that I have always been accused of talking above my audience. I am such a storyteller that a lawyer once told me “Yes or no. Only yes or no!” I have this urge to explain myself.

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I am to the point!

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I rarely have trouble expressing myself. It’s one of my strong points.

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I’m to the point so much that I don’t know what I’m talking about any more

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I use humor as a way to defend myself against having to feel too much, when dealing or being confronted by some things. It’s exhausting because I am not facing reality, as I should, could be. I suck.

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