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What beautiful flower has just joined the 10k mansion?

Asked by mangeons (12195points) August 27th, 2010

Our very own lillycoyote of course!

Always nice, witty, knowing, and helpful, you’re a great addition to the collective, Lily! I always love reading your well thought out answers and funny quips.

Keep answering! :)

Edit: I apologize for spelling your name incorrectly at first, I’ve fixed it! :)

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Yay, I’ve known you since – so glad you’re on Fluther! Congratulations!

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Congrats to one of the nicest jellies. :)

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Oh my, the mansion is quite the happenin’ place these days. Yay!

Well done, @lillycoyote, congrats! I’ve always enjoyed your perspective. Keep on a-Flutherin’! :)

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Yay!! Way to go Lily! Congrats on the 10 Grand!

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WOO. Congratulations! :D

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Yay, congrats!!

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Congrats to you Wile .E…..Scratch that…. lillycoyote :¬)

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Congratulations @lillycoyote!!! Here’s to another 10k!

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Wonderful! Congratulations lily!

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Hip Hip Hoorah! and a hearty “Ho’omaikai!” (Congratulations!)

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Congratz noob!~

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Congrats! The mansion just got a little brighter!

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Congratulations :)

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Your contributions here are often a breath of fresh air. The 10K mansion smells better already!

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Way to go. I enjoy reading your input.

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Way to go Lilly!

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Congratulations! :)

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The lonesome cry of the @lillycoyote. Congratulations :)

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You are a pleasure to have around @lilycoyote.

Mazel Tov on the 10K!

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Yay!! Smart and funny, great combo. Congratulations!

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Thanks so much everyone. Don’t know what to say. Oh… well, it looks like Paolo is on his way with my Mai Tai and my wild mushroom tarts. Gotta run. No one mentioned that the mansion had cabana boys. Really nice touch guys. :-)

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Congrats! It’s a 10k day! Way to go and party like a rockstar!

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Wonderful news to come home to on a Friday afternoon! Congratulations! :)

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Congratulations to my fellow Delawarean! It’s nice having someone around to talk about Delaware from time to time!!

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Yippeekiyay, @lillycoyote! You done rustled up 10K! Congratulations!

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It’s 10k weekend! Great job @lillycoyote, congratulations :-)

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Congratulations, @lillycoyote!

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Congrats, lillycoyote! An intelligent jelly for sure :)

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Aw, I love lilycoyote! Congrats!

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Congrats to lillycoyote!! I really thought you had been in the 10K mansion long ago as I always read anything you have to say and mostly agree, laugh or just shake my in wonder at the thoughtful things you come up with. So glad you hit 10K and the party is in full swing as you can probably hear.

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@lillycoyote Lol, I’ve seen that a few times before. It always makes me smile for some reason.

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Congrats, lilly! Such a wonderful part of the fluther community.

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Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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Shit! There’s quite a party going on! Congratulations!

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Major props to you! I always love sharing threads with you…

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Drinks for everyone!!! And add just a touch of Lilly Nectar to remind us all of the esence of @lillycoyote

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It’s the next morning and I’m sweeping up Rebbel’s party – those Dutchmen – they know how to party… I’m late – but then we’re always together in PM heaven anyway – enjoy the new status – sometimes I think we take fluther a little too seriously, but I digress….

To my babe from – the Lilly of the Valley – Happy 10k

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Welcome to 10K mansion! We have all been expecting you!
You are a wonderful contributer! Congrats and WTG!

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Cheers Coyote girl!

Another bright star skims into orbit.

I will personally take charge of the cabana boys.

I am a leader by nature and, well, have vast experience managing herds of helpful young men in my stable. lol

I think they should all be dressed in black speedos and bowties with trays of champagne, and anything else your little heart desires.

Clap, calp….cabana boys appear now! ;-)

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Congratuilations! I’m still hung over from the last party. Can I have a lie down for a few?

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@Coloma Very good to know. So far I have had absolutely no problems with Paolo, I’ve been working him like a dog, between bringing me Mai Tais and my wild mushroom tarts, and the neck massages, and well, I am still waiting on my tapas but… I’m not concerned. He’s very sweet, and so eager to please. But if I do have any problems it’s good to know you’re there. But so far, all I can say is that things are fabulous. I love my room, but as you might imagine, I have been spending most of my first few hours at the mansion poolside. And, yes @trillian, you can lie down for a few but @Coloma might be able to hook you up for a very relaxing yet envigorating and life affirming evening with a member of her stable, I mean, her staff. Check into it.

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I once knew a Paolo, nice Brazilian boy. Oh yes. lol

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Rat congos!
Welcome to the mansion. Mai tais will be served nightly on the veranda.

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Congratulations Lilly! Sorry I’m so late to the party. :)

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That’s o.k. @augustlan Your daughter is apparently more than capable of picking up your slack. :-) @mangeons got right on it.

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@lillycoyote Yeah, she’s a keeper. :)

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@augustlan I look forward to getting to know her a little better. Her “hosting” my 10,000k “party” is really my first encounter with her, to be honest, and because of that, I most certainly be paying more attention to her in the future.

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Lily Lily bo Billy!!!
You are one of my faves, my sweet girl!!!


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@jazmina88 Thanks sweetie! I am so very, absolutely Banana Fana Fo Filly right back at ya!

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I go away for a day and lo and behold I almost missed the partays. CONGRATULATIONS!!! @lillycoyote enjoy the mansion.
Gotta swim over to the next party….

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She holds the future,
And it doesn’t seem so cold.
She say Show me your spirit and I’ll show you what the future hold.

She answers questions,
She answers free of strife.
She keeps her hungry little hands buried deep inside the cookie jar of life.

Congrats @lillycoyote. I’m glad you’re my friend, and honored to be yours.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies How sweet are you???? Did I ever tell you that I just adore you? Thanks, sweetie, a poem, just for me; that’s just the best thing in the whole fucking world!

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@zen_ I’m sure you must be aware of this, but they have a very nice guest cottage set up here, just for you. I know you shun the mansion life, for your own reasons, but you are apparently welcome, anytime. Well, maybe they haven’t built you a guest cottage yet, but now that I’m here, I’m making it a priority.

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Still buzzing around your garden :)

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@Neizvestnaya So nice to see you bee. :-)

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Congrats Lil….better late than never my friend!

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As one new 10K Mansion inhabitant to another… CONGRATULATIONS, @lillycoyote !!! See ya aorund the campus.

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And once again, this is really affengeil, astrein, atemberaubend, ausgezeichnet, außergewöhnlich, beachtlich, beeindruckend, bestens, bezaubernd, blendent, brilliant, cool, echt super, einwandfrei, entzückend, erstklassig, exquisit, extrem stark, exzellent, fabelhaft, fantastisch, fesselnd, fulminant, genial, gigantisch, grandios, großartig, göttlich, hammer stark, hervorragend, hinreißend, hip, klasse, knorke, krass, perfekt, prima, sagenhaft, saustark, sensationell, spitze, toll, top, traumhaft, unglaublich, verdammt gut, vortrefflich, vorzüglich, weltklasse, wow, wunderbar and wundervoll.


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