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Do you know of any instances wherein a wealthy person gave everything to the poor while they were alive and kinda young?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) August 27th, 2010

Warren Buffett gave a lot but not everything from what I understand. I don’t know of anyone who’s had the wealth and given it up completely. I am sure there are some senior citizens that have done this, but I think more altruism exist in a wealthy youth doing the same.

I am not asking this question to get specific names. Just if you know of a young person who has done this answer in the affirmative.

I know if anyone has they likely did not do it for the fame, or the grattitude.

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I remember seeing this guy on Huckabee one night.

“My idea is to have nothing left. Absolutely nothing,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “Money is counterproductive – it prevents happiness to come.”
It’s true. Money makes things easier, someimes. But true happiness, is what this guy is trying to get and I think he’s doing the right thing.

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Forty of America’s billionaires and their families have pledged to give more than half of their fortune to charity in a drive organised by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

The group includes CNN founder Ted Turner, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and Hollywood director George Lucas, as well as Microsoft mogul Gates and investment guru Buffett.

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Chris McCandless gave away every penny he owned (all be it ‘only’ $24,000 ((in 1991)) ) when he was in his early twenties.
google search’ INTO THE WILD ’

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It’s sad to say, but without oversight of what is happening with the money, I bet a lot of this donated cash will end up in the wrong hands. I have no idea what kind of oversight there will be so I don’t know for sure. Look at all the Haiti money. No one knows where it is!!!

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A young person giving away his (or her ) wealth must have mental health issues as it would not be practicable for that person to become the poor person unless the rich person has a terminal illness.

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My oldest when he was 6 had his Holiday money he just got from his Grandparents and there were the Santa’s ringing their bells for Salvation Army and he pulled that money out of his pocket and I could tell what he was about to do and I questioned him as it was for his age a lot of money….and he said “Dad…I know you will take care of me…there are kids out there that need this more than me”! That was the first time he did that and not the last!

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Nope, but I wish it can happen to me! I don’t think it will ever happen. After all, the more you get, the more you want. The love of money is the root of all evil!

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@Cruiser – I did not mean to infer a child in my previous reply but more about an adult with great wealth. Your answer was great,

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