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Where can I find explanations or "how to's" of derren browns tricks?

Asked by ndc_ygs (7points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone
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There are lots of them on Youtube

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@longgone No fair! I was going to say that! (sigh) But I have a link! :)

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Hey, hey…I included a link, too. Wanna piece of me??

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Ok… It’s on.

Derren Brown Official Website;

His site’s blog;

His youtube;

So… yeah…

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I give up.

I hate that @DWW25921. Gonna start a thread asking who else does, then bully him. Mwahahaha.

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@longgone Aaw! Come on! Don’t give up! At least our new jelly here has lots of resources now, right?

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^ That’s true. We’re cool.

I’m telling that jerk what he wants to hear, but I’m still mad. I’ll pay him back one day… And it’s gonna be awesome.

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@longgone Sweet! No worries!

Must not show fear (sigh)

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@DWW25921 Thanks for making me smile :)

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@longgone I do what I can! Have a great day!

Quivering in fearful anticipation for that day when a strangers wrath will befall me…

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