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Ouch! Headache. What do you do to treat a headache, aside from medication?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25338points) August 27th, 2010

Rather than taking a pill, what headache remedies have worked for you?

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I drink lots of water and sit or lay in a quiet, dark room. I usually end up falling asleep and taking a little nap too. When my husband is home, I get him to give me a neck/shoulder massage because most of my headaches are tension headaches.

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I usually find that isolating myself from other disturbances helps a headache clear up quickly. A nice hot bath with some soothing music usually does the trick.

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The caffeine effect of tea (non-herbal) seems to help me. I like it for its non-therapeutic purposes as well.

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Have a glass a wine? Well it’s not a pill. Some doctors say it’s good for you.

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Water and caffeine, as mentioned above. I’m addicted to caffeine (yes, I’ll admit it. :^P) and I never drink enough water. Dehydration headaches suck. Also, getting a nap in a dark, quiet room would be great. I have a toddler, though, so that never happens.

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A drink, a shower and a massage with lotion, especially my feet.

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pressure point – in between your thumb and next finger….½ inch in your palm…from both sides….pinch with other hand and forefinger

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Behind your ear at the base of your skull is a pocket on the side of the neck that if pressed should knock out most back or side of the head headaches….pinching the back edge of the ear and holding it can alleviate almost all headaches.

The front sinus headaches are the worst and there are 2 pressure points right above each eye brow that simply using the tips of your middle fingers and applying firm steady pressure can numb and redirect the worst of frontal headache assaults. Really bad ones you can additionally apply pressure to your temples with your index fingers and then almost be guaranteed relief.

So everybody now…. put your middle fingers above eye brows and index fingers on temples….inhale through your nose….apply the light pressure with your fingers….exhale and sigh….keep a steady firm but not hard or uncomfortable pressure…sigh….keep breathing….close your eyes and relax….

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I hope one of the above remedies works, @TheOnlyNeffie and that you feel better soon. I rarely get headaches any more, but when I used to, I never knew anything better than taking aspirin and going to sleep.

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Thank you @Austinlad , it’s actually gone. I took the advil before I even posted. I have a handful of my own remedies (I get barometric pressure headaches, so this time of year they are a regular occurrence.) Just made me curious to see what else was out there. :)

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Exercise, a hot shower on the back of my neck and some solitude. I very rarely take any type of pain medication (because pills usually do not help with my headaches anyway).

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Water, Green Tea, darker room setting, and getting away from any kind of screen.

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It depends on what the headache is from. Lack of caffeine = have something caffeinated. Sinus headache = damp, very warm cloth over my nose and sinus area. And a Sudafed (the real thing that you have to get from the pharmacy counter) with, maybe, one ibuprofen. Tension headache = neck and shoulder rub.

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When you have a headache, you can try to drink some water and prepare for drinking some ginger tea. Ginger can help relieve pain and give you some energy to recover the headache. In fact, besides meditation,acupuncture can greatly help.

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