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Is popping your knuckles unhealthy?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) August 27th, 2010

Everytime I pop my knuckles in front of my grandma she tells me it’s bad for me and that it’ll make my fingers fatter. Haha. Is that true?

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I’ve read it is, and I’ve read it isn’t. Others may offer a more definitive data pro or con, but something I read once finally convinced me to stop doing it. Every once in a while though, when a finger or thumb gets that funny locked-up feeling, I treat myself to one or two good pops—it just feels sooooo gooooood..

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I feel like I read that it’s a myth to think that it’s unhealthy. I know, during Bikram yoga, they tells us that the cracking of the joints and knuckles is a good thing, gets the synovial fluid going.

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Nah. It’s harmless and it feels good.

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It’s not unhealthy. The “pop” you hear when you crack your knuckles is just the popping of an air bubble in your synovial fluid. Not bad for you at all. And, it feels so damn good! <Crack!>

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Any excessive and repeated strain on joints is not recommended. Over a long period of time, depending on how you do it, you may inflict some cumulative damage.
Socially, such a behaviour can be distressing to those who care about you.
If you do this often, you may want to consider if you have an underlying anxiety issue with which you may need to deal.

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Old wives tale. i have had this habit, since i was a teenager and thats been about 50 years ago. my fingers have not changed and no arthritis.

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@Dr_Lawrence I’ve never heard of it being associated with anxiety. Interesting.

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So relieving and I don’t want to go into the subject of neck and back cracking, it always feels so good despite the looks of horror I get from those around me!

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If this was harmful then most chiropractors would be out of business.

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Just annoying to old people…… As most things are it would seem…. :-/

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Yes, it causes arthritis. Any knuckles or bones you do that to excessively could have arthritis in the future. I used to be ocd about cracking my knuckles. Whenever i could pop them i had to. I soon realized after about 3 years my fingers were always hurting unless i popped them. I don’t crack them anymore and my fingers are fine.

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This reasoning that cracking one’s knuckles will cause arthritis is an old wive’s tale, and a complete myth.

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