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My friend just got me punched in the face, anyone wanna console me?

Asked by tedd (14073points) August 28th, 2010

It was my buddies bachelor party tonight. Great night overall. Strip clubs, alcohol, etc. I was the sober one because I don’t drink so at the end of the night I volunteered to drive the groom home (he hadn’t drove himself there). Well we’re walking out to my car, and the groom is understandably drunk beyond all belief. We’re crossing a street and he’s going slowly and some guys are going buy and shout “Hey get out of the street asshole!” To which my drunken friend responds something to the effect of “Go to hell bitch!”

Well go figure, these two guys slam on the breaks and back the car up (nearly running me over) and pull up to us. Well my friend is drunk and has pretty much already forgotten what he said, and I try to mediate and say “hey he’s drunk, he doesn’t know what he’s saying, its his bachelor party, i’m sorry” But before I can even finish the sentence (and offer them some of the vast quantity of beer I have left) the passenger punches my friend in the face, then me in the face, and they speed away.

I was ok overall, but my buddy (the groom) bled pretty profusely for a minute (luckily I had a rag in my car and I gave him one of the two shirts I was wearing once we cleaned him up). Ended up having to stop at an all night pizza place and clean him up in the bathroom before taking him home to his fiance who was up waiting for him.

I am pretty ok with it. I’ve been telling myself that these two middle aged fat black men driving a beat up car at 3am in the middle of the city probably have amounted to nothing and will amount to nothing in their lives, and its downright pathetic that they resort to this type of stuff. Meanwhile my friend and I are both college grads, one getting married, doing well for ourselves.

But somehow its not quite taking the sting out of my two front teeth (though seriously you should see the guys knuckles, lol)

Anyone wanna talk me up?

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Don’t feel too badly about what happened. A lot of guys out there these days are nothing but a bunch of low-lives, raised with little or no moral values, by parents who act like kids themselves. You see them everyday on the street, mannerless, ungentlemanly goons and doofuses, disrespecting honorable citizens, the police, and anyone else who happens to be better than they are. They are filled with jealousy, anger, and a lot of hang-ups in their lives. To me, they are nothing but a bunch of losers. I think it was admirable how you helped your friend, and how you tried to protect him from those marauding jerks. Even if the law doesn’t punish them, they will get their just desserts in the end. What comes around, goes around. Bad habits die hard, and one of these days, their anger and stupidity will catch up to them, and they will pay dearly for it.

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That’s pride fucking with ya….


NB unless it’s Gay pride

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Next time if the same situation happens again I’ll remember their car’s number so I can report them to the authorities. Got punch from saying foul words is certainly not equal. It’s criminal! I will also expect them to pay for my injuries after they get caught. Sue them! no one can punch you even if they don’t like you.

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the best thing is to fantasize all kind of different scenarios where by, you teach them a brutal and vindictive lesson in every conceivably delicious way possible, until you get bored or move on. Works for me :)

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I find it sad that two intelligent college graduates don’t have more sense than for one to get that drunk and the other to spell brakes as breaks.

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@rooeytoo alcohol, sex and violence…the holy trinity. i despise stag nights for this very reason.

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“No good deed goes unpunished”

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The guys were jerks and you should try to put your feelings about them behind you.
You have a wedding to prepare for. Perhaps by the time of the reception you can use this as a humorous anecdote in a nice toast to the bride and groom.
I’m glad that you stayed sober and were able to take care of your friend.

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I’m sorry you got punched. But a couple of things give me pause, so I’m just going to be honest here:

They didn’t punch you because they were black.

They punched you because, for whatever reason, the vast majority of men find it to be the worst possible insult and get punchy when they’re called anything remotely “female”, since, as we all know, women are horrible, weak, worthless beings that no one wants to be like one in the least, so of course to be called a “bitch” is just straight-up impugning their precious manhood.~

And if your friend didn’t already know this deep down, like he knows how to breathe, he’d’ve never used that word, now would he?

So three of the people in this scenario were in the wrong.


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^ @aprilsimnel took the word right out of my mouth. Get outta my mind! LOL!!!

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I would be embarrassed that I didn’t pull that passenger out the car window and whomp on his ass to teach him to get a thicker skin and that it is not a good idea to almost run over pedestrians.

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So is your buddy now going to his wedding with a bruise, black eye, fat lip or whatever rememberence of his bachelor night out left him?

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I only read the first sentence, I’m lazy. It sounds like you ere all drunk. People made some mistakes, you probably did to. Just look past it.

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@Doctor_D Light blue late 90’s oldsmobile or buick, license plate EOJ 14—(missed the last two digits) Called the police and made a report, but if anyone is familiar with Columbus Ohio, I highly doubt anything will come of it.

@rooeytoo Its a bachelor party, his bachelor party, of course he’s going to get drunk. And as far as me mispelling stuff, it was almost 4am when I made this post and I’d been up since 6am the previous day…. give me a break (there happy I used the right one)

@aprilsimnel I’m not even sure if my friend said bitch. It all happened rather quickly and I don’t remember exactly what he shouted that got them to be assholes. I just remember that there was some obscenity in it. And yes I know they didn’t do it because they were black, I was just describing them. Much as if they had been white, latin, asian, amish, whatever… I’d have used some other racial descriptive to describe them.

@Cruiser Each of them had at least 100 pounds on both me and my friend. I couldn’t have pulled him out the window both because I lack the strength and because there’s no way he’d have fit through the window. I agree with you though that the guys need a thicker skin, I think it was just a couple jerks out looking for trouble.

@Chyna Luckily he just had a slightly swollen lip and nose (much like myself). The wedding isn’t til NEXT Saturday, so I think he’ll avoid any embarrassing marks.

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That’s a relief for the bride then.

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@chyna Agreed. It was kinda cute cuz she was home waiting for him. And even though he’d just been jacked in the face the only thing he thought was (and said) “I can’t go home to Sabina like this, she’ll be scared” or something like that. Hence the wall night pizza place where we cleaned him up.

In retrospect the buddy who’s house we were leaving only lived like 50 seconds from where the assault happened. We probably shoulda just gone back there.

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@tedd I hope the groom is feeling better this morning, and you too.
It’s nice to know that he was thinking of his bride’s feelings, and trying to spare her some worry.

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@BarnacleBill Yes, so true.

@Cruiser That sounds like something I would have said maybe 10 to 15 years ago. I’ve had some run inns with groups of younger guys (who I didn’t know) that started hurling insults at me for no reason in several isolated scenerios. When they outnumber you it kind of sucks and can be outright scary. I keep an “equalizer” close by me now.

@tedd Yes I’ve been in this boat myself. There’s not much you can do here except maybe tell your buddy what happened and you didn’t appreciate it. Unfortunately these days, there are groups of guys that go around with the sole purpose of looking for trouble so it is still better to be with someone than by yourself when you go out.

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