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What should I wear at the concert?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) August 28th, 2010

Me and my 2 friends are going to a hardstyle outdoor concert. It’s my first concert here in Denmark and right now the weather is sunny, after some minutes it changes to clouds and it’s just always changing. I m not sure what to wear and I don’t know if it’s cold or not.
I am thinking of wearing a black skinny jean, brown tee which says something in danish about “help others from poverty, and donate to contribute to their education” or something like that.
and then either boots. they are kind of like this.
then I don’t know with coat and stuff, it could rain idk.

I need your suggestions asap.

thank you in advance!

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That sounds awesome… the boots

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@jazmina88 , yeah but I was also wondering, if I wear the boots and if it rains then they could maybe be spoiled or something:/
So I am stuck between these though mine are the cruiser type in blue and the boots. :/

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How about something from this thread

plus an overcoat.

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You should wear the shirt of the band that is playing. That is always cool.

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@tablack01 , there are many bands and danish DJ’s playing , I am new here so Idk, maybe I’ll buy a t-shit though :)

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what you should wear to a concert is different to what you’d wear to the dinner/dance.

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@, yeah it’s changed people, the concert(festival). We’ll just go on monday after school all together, I will be wearing skinny jeans -black. Tee-black.(with some zimbabwean guy who ran for president or something)
boots,black. Jewelry, -pink, yellow, white, blackgreen, and purple bracelets. One butterfly earring on one ear and some star earrings-studs.
And I think I’ll be good. if it rains I’ll put on a nike black and purple coat :P

Good Idea Eh?

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Take a pac-mac just incase the weather breaks, I’d wear sturdier boots but I’m a bloke! :-/

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Perfect!!!! Let us know if you had a great time…....

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