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Are you good at air guitar?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) August 28th, 2010

And what about air sax, air keyboards, etc. How long does it take to tune it?

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Air flute, Tull style.

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Yes, and not very long.

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I’ve been working on the air triangle, but I just can’t seem to get it right. <sniffs, sobs>

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My air guitar is always in tune and I never leave home without it!

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My younger brother plays a vast array of air instruments, but not very well. He rests the air violin low on his elbow instead of shouldering it. I’m surprised nobody has taken their air instrument by the neck and beaten me with it.

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Not bad, when messing around with the kids, but i’m a freakin expert at air drums.Usually when being pestered by a bloody wasp!! :¬)

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@Hawkeye Depends….the Les Paul air guitar is quite heavy and there are times I know I will be walking great distances and I’ll grab the Martin acoustic air guitar.

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I’m okay… but this little dude blows me out of the water. I’m so proud. * tear *

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im awesome at air drums, we could start a band via fluther!

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Not guitar, but air piano I’m alright at. My favorite is air organ, because then you have different levels of keyboards and you have to get the footwork in there as well. :P

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You should hear me on a G string.

Not really, because I can’t play it. Except airwise.

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I like to think that i do a pretty nice air Mark King.

Last May, when visiting my Greek island, me and some friends were enjoying our drinks and blues music in the bar that one of the friends owns.
We had some more drinks, and the volume went up, and some drinks more.
That night i found out that we all can play air instruments.
It was great.
I played the air bass, my soul mate the air piano, his girlfriend air drums, my girlfriend air guitar…, there actually were a lot of air guitars that night, now that i think of it.
We had quite a few drinks, but we went home by air car.

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@rebbel Respeqqqqqqct for the Mark King reference. The greatest indeed.
And seen live. A long, long time ago.

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Yeah, he is quite something with the bass.
I’ve seen Level 42 four or five times myself, in Holland, around the eighties/nineties.
And i have (almost) everything of them on vinyl and cd’s was a pretty big fan those days.

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Well, in that case,my friend, I shall now transfer you from Mr Orange to Mr Pink in my future regards.

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I feel honored, @lloydbird!
I guess you know Mark King’s solo album Influences, but if not, have a listen to The Essential (part 1 and part 2).
There is a great bass solo in too, (the whole ‘song’ is nice, but if you want just the solo, skip to 6:40 in part 2).

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i can’t sing happy birthday on tune!

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I’d love to practice air trombone 5” from my mother in law’s….oh never mind… ;)

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Shit yeah! My favorite thing to air guitar is Stairway to Heaven, because I learned it on real guitar, too. I’m pretty obnoxious. Whenever I do it, I start by telling a story about my dad in the 70s- whenever he went to music stores, they always had a sign that said “no stairway” because people would go in and play Stairway to Heaven on the store’s instruments. That and smoke on water. I can rock out to both of those on air guitar.

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The “No Stairway” sign is from Wayne’s World.

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I must say I even do a bit of head banging with the air guitar.

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