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Have you been spending more time with your fluther and online friends than with your real life friends?

Asked by zen_ (6245points) August 28th, 2010

It’s amazing how much life has changed since the advent of the internet.

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Yes. Sad happy to say.

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I feel like I spend more time online with my real life friends and online friends. Most of my friends live far away and the only way I get to talk to them in on the phone or online. The friends I have in this area I see several times a week though, so maybe it’s not as bad as I think it is.

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It’s a wash as I am always sitting in my friends lap while I fluther.

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Yup. I’ve been far away from my real-life friends for a while, so my jelly buddies have been a nice comfort during my travels.

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I don’t really have online friends anymore. I used to spend tons of time talking to them, more than my “real life” friends, but I’ve lost touch with most of them.

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No, particularly since the novelty has worn off. However, I could see where one might get stuck here.

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The majority of my friends are soul-searching, on vacation with family, or back on their respective campuses for fall semester. As a result, I’ve spent a good deal more time online than I have going on adventures with the people I know here. It just happens as summer winds down. I’m curious to see how I’ll cope without constant Internet access when I return to school. We’ll see.

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Marry a social phobe and this is what happens. Luckily, I have friends who are quite busy, so it’s not like we would be getting together all the time anyway. And my best friends live about a 3 hour drive away which means I see them about 3 times a year.

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My online friends are my real friends. I don’t split hairs with friendship.

I have few “IRL” friends, for varied reasons, and my closest friend lives about an hour drive away. We get together about once a week, give or take, but most of our chatting happens online.

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Well, probably I have recently, because I’m still doing the honeymoon thing on Fluther, but I spend as much time with my RL friends as is allowed by everybody’s varied schedules. In general, thanks to the internet I’m having more opportunities to see people I care about face to face.

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Nope. :)

I just do this for fun; I don’t really have “online friends”. I have people that I talk to, but we don’t engage in long conversations or anything.

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Not really, actually right now Fluther, Youtube and my family is all I have. I am new in Denmark, I don’t speak or understand the language, I am not really interested in it:/
I m new in school. I have made some school friends but we haven’t yet started hanging out with each other.
the answer to your question right now is yes, I’ve been spending more time with my online friends, and also on Facebook and Msn, where I can talk to my over-seas friends:P


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It’s easier, for me, to spend time with friends online because then I can still be at home and parent. Going out isn’t something we get to do all that much and besides we’re into being just with each other.

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what real life friends?

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Yes, but only because I moved away from all my real friends and I don’t have any here.

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All my friends live far away. I have my family and his relatives here where I live.. I have become quite fond of my online friends and Fluther.

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I have so few RL friends that it really doesn’t matter.

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Let’s see, my supposed “best” friend hasn’t seen me in person in over three years despite living fifteen-minutes away (he’s busy with work, two children, always stressed).

We have a group of “old friends” who are great, but we see each other maybe once a year.

We have about three couples who are “current friends” but we’re all so busy, about four times a year is all we can manage.

So, real life friends I get to see about every three months at best.

However, Fluther friends I can “see” every day right here on my handy-dandy iPhone.

Internet friends FTW

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You people are the only friends I have.

That I communicate with on a constant basis.

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I have the best of both worlds. My husband is my best friend and we get to fluther together. ;)

Now that we’re moving to the middle of nowhere, I’m sure we’ll be spending much more time here. especially during the winter months

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I was one of those people that only had a few close friends and they passed away. Outside of work I do not bother with anyone so yes, I spend more time talking to people on the net than real life. Otherwise I wouldn’t be on here as much. I do not Facebook or have any account with any social networking site to begin with so they are not an issue with me. I do spend more time on the net these days however.

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Since all my friends life in other states, yes.

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@jonsblond nice that you guys share that. My ex would get bent out shape when i mentioned on-line friends. Kudos….

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I haven’t really spent any time with my real friends at all. The last time was in last May.

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I talk with and see one good friend every few days or at least weekly, others in the city less so, but we try for at least a monthly get together, talk.

I am not a TV person at all so the internet is a primary source of entertainment as fluther has been but nothing life consuming. lol
I average maybe 2 hours a day, early mornings and evenings here and there.

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I still don’t have any.

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