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What's the best way to get rid of hiccups?

Asked by youWISHyouknewME_152 (43points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone
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bite down on a limon wedge

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Whatever you truly believe works, will. That being said nothing will now. I tried testing this theory by telling people when they have the hiccups to say elephant out loud and they will go away. 9 times out of 10 it worked. It was just an arbitrary word but it worked, because they believed it would.

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I will usually take 10 gulps of water and then hold your breath for 10 seconds and that works wonders for me.

I’ve also had a friend take off his watch and turn it around. Then he proceeded to ask me what time it was and what time it would be if he added 5 hours or something like that. Basically he asked me so many crazy questions that didn’t really make sense that I forgot about my hiccups.

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I’ve found that breathing in and out deeply, and in regular intervals, gets rid of them. It calms you down, so they go away.

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a tablespoon of sugar always works for me.

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Stick your tongue out for 45 seconds.

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or half a teaspoon of sugar for those on a diet.

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The old classic is get someone to scare you, not that easy to do when you know it’s comeing. BOO

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@65stang: holllllllly cowww! that creeped me out. =/

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Drink some water and leave it in your mouth. Then do 6 cartwheels, jump up and down 23 times and finally do a hand stand and drink the water. Hiccups cured! Your welcome. :)

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Tongue twisters for 30 seconds will do the trick

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My way seems to work for me but takes a few attempts to practice…

As soon as you hiccup the first time, take a quick and deep breath. If you’re too slow though, it won’t work. Simple!

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I usually watch the second hand on a clock/watch for 1–2 minutes. Somehow, that tends to calm down my breathing and… voila!

When I was a child my Mom used to give me a tablespoon of sugar with apple cider vinegar, and that works as well.

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a spoonful of peanut butter.

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Carefully recount to yourself exactly what you had for breakfast. Don’t omit anything.
If you remember something, add it. Think slowly and carefully. Once you’ve listed everything, your hiccups will be gone. If you didn’t eat breakfast, do the same process
with dinner, but it’s better to think about breakfast.

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@65Stang Dude!! what a video…, really scary. It caught me off guard
Do you know how in the world he did it?

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@Edmartin101 no. I just youtubed “scary” and that came up

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My grand mother was a sugar addict when it came to hiccups.So far none of these remedies have ever helped my hiccups.What is the hiccup conspiracy.Why can nasa put us on the moon.Why can labratories create cures for diseases, But they cant find a cure for hiccups.Have you ever sean a president hiccup(in a litteral sense).This question will never be answered!


Stand on your head while drinking a glass of water. Works every time.

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The best way for me to get rid off hiccups is to hold my breath as long as I can, at least one minute. I found a good site that goes into great detail about possible ways to get rid of hiccups. I was just thinking that one way to get rid off of hiccups would be to use hicmugs…... lol

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a sugar cube and anagosital bitters,lime juice, chew it up all gone.

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