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Do you commit yourself to too much throughout the week? If you cut back, how has it affected your life?

Asked by Jude (32112points) August 28th, 2010

I’m worn out like a lazy gate, jellies. I have too much going on and I feel as though I want to make things simple. Work, relationship, all of the family that I can handle (before going down the slippery slope), friends and keeping healthy. I don’t need to do a shitload of activities. I really don’t. Work, workout, time with my girlfriend, fun on the weekend, and time to myself. I have no interest in piling on other things.

Are you like me in that you want to keep things simple.

I don’t need a big home, fancy cars, and a bunch of toys. I also don’t need to go out and spend time with people 5 days out of the week (be it coffee, drinks, the show…).

Simple is good.

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This is irrelevant but I think Lisa is asleep so it might not get deleted right away.

But my STFU script snagged your score. :-)

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Simple is good. After my daughter went to college I did everything for awhile, wore myself out and cut way back. One of my greatest pleasures now is a really good cuppa joe in the morning watching the sun come through my stained glass window. I have in a tiny 1920 tract home with weird little quirks.

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Kiss theory is always good! keep it simple shit!

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I save myself for the weekend! :-/
& whoever wants to stay over ;-)

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I do for work but it’s needed right now. I usually work at least one of my days off every week and also double my weekened shifts. Lately I’ve noticed I’ve been very angry and feeling a bit neglected and jealous. I think I really need a few days off in a row where I get to sleep, eat, groom and be loved on.

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I am completely in your camp and why I fluther when I can. HS work, kids, and attempting to squeeze fun in between all the demands is an out of control ferris wheel some days and if I can’t get at least 4 hours to myself on the weekend I will go postal for sure. I have purposely cut back on taking on anything more and cutting the lawn and late night walks are my therapy. Of course I always make time for guitar my main way of cutting through the stress. ;)

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Do you have a cellphone? Removing constantly being available is great. I don’t have one or a land-line. People know not to expect me to get back to them right away (e-mail). This has made my life much better. And it filters the bullshit. People need to take a second to think before they contact me.

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I am extremely good at working hard, multi-tasking, juggling many balls. What I’m not good at is working smart – and I’m getting exhausted!

By the time I’m forty (little over a year to go) I’m committed to learning to live simply, work less and still manage to pay my bills – and enjoy life some more.

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