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Please find me a swimming pool in Manchester (UK)

Asked by Mushy99 (156points) August 28th, 2010

Hi, I am looking for a good, clean swimming pool in Manchester (UK). I am fed up with the state of dis-repair and cleanliness of the Manchester Aquatic Centre and so please don’t suggest that one. If you have any ideas where I can go without having to join as a member in a gym please let me know. Do you know of any hotels which allow members of the public use their swimming pools for a fee perhaps?

Thanks in advance.

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Anyone? I guess there’s no easy answer to this.

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It is just such a specific location. I can only think of a few people on Fluther that are even near Manchester.

You are better off getting no answers then answers from google from someone that has never even been to the UK.

The telephone might be your best bet here.

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Whereabouts in Manchester are you looking to go? If you are in the North, the baths at Castle Leisure Centre aren’t bad, in central Manchester the YMCA and Abram Moss used to be pretty good.

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I’m near Manchester but I don’t really know any decent pools. Stockport Grand Central has one but it’s been a while since I was in there, I don’t know how clean it is. My partner also suggests Altrincham (if that’s not too far out – doesn’t take too long to get there on the tram).

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It might be worth checking out any local hotels that have a pool. I used to work at one, and some people who had a condo in the area approached us about using it. We charged them a small monthly fee, and it was a win-win situation.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’m not sure that any of the city-centre hotels have pools – they’re all kind of cramped for space. The Britannia Country House hotel at Didsbury has one though, and I do believe it’s open to the public. Again it’s a bit out-of-the-way (more in Northenden than Didsbury)

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Cheers everyone, some good suggestions there.

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