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Are you always smiling?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4843points) August 28th, 2010

Are you usually smiling? Or do you usually have a straight face? Or are you always pissy faced? And does it always reflect how you feel?

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I think I’m always pissy-faced, even when I’m in a good mood. That’s the impression I get.

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People always tell me that I look sad.

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Yes. “Tears of a clown when no one is around..”

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I’m pretty readable. I have a default non-expression face, but it doesn’t look “sad”; it just looks…expressionless. If I look sad, I probably am. If I look happy, I probably am.

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My co workers will say I’m always smiling but at home I relax and give it a rest.

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I laugh alot. I even have a nervous laugh. I went to court one time and the judge asked me if I thought it was funny. I said no Wipe the smile right off my face, So yes I guess that is a yes.

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I have a poker face unless I’m around a very special person. She always makes me smile.

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I think it’s about 50/50 between a smile and a straight face. I only have a sad face when I am really, really sad. I try to hide my sadness most of the time, so I rarely have a sad face.

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My face is generally straight/blank. It’s the funniest thing though, my best friend looks like a huge bitch by default. Before I’d catch her eye passing her in the hallway in high school, she always looked ready to beat someone to a pulp. Of course, then she’d see me and her face would light up in a smile. But even the friends we made eventually said to her, “I used to think you were a bitch, you always looked mean.” She hates hearing it though, cause she can’t help it.

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Lately, no.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@le_inferno I have a friend like that as well. People always think she hates them before they even meet her.

Over time she really did come to be quite a bitch. I guess the accusations started to sink in.

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Not always but a fair bit.

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I laugh a lot – it doesn’t take much. In between laughter and smiling I’m usually straight faced.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Not so much :) or :( but usually :I

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no im all over the place but when im in good mood im always smiling

marinelife's avatar

Not always, but often.

christos99's avatar

i try to smile as much as i can, we only live this journey called life once…

AmWiser's avatar

I’m a smiler. When I worked my co-workers refered to me as sunshine always bright and chipper. As a matter of fact, I’m smiling right now:-)

gravity's avatar

permagrin : D

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

I’m a smiley person ;)

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No, but I am constantly trying to get others to smile.

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The best way to get someone to smile is for you to smile.

Neizvestnaya's avatar

Confirmation: Travelling promotional guys who come to our stores every few months said they recognized me from the last visit by my smirk.

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Well, I think I’m smiling but I’ve had lots of peole tell me that I look unapproachable. That always freaks me out, because that’s not how I am at all. Wait….

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Mostly smiling. I’m a happy and zippy personality, even when I am sick as a dog I’ll find the humor in it. :-)

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pretty much so.

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Might as well smile, even if you don’t feel like it, you can act yourself into a way of thinking!
And it beats being miserable!

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Despite my extremely negative character, moodiness, depressive nature, when I am out, at work and generally in front of people, they ALWAYS comment on my smiling, pleasant nature.BUT on the inside….....another story!

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On occasion. Nothing gets on my nerves more than someone telling me I need to smile more. I need a reason to smile. Ironically when I do smile I get people criticising me for that as well.

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My wife tells me that I always look like I’m about to kill someone. She’s said this for years. Even if I’m in a perfectly good mood, I look very intense. I think it’s just because I’m usually thinking about something.

So ‘no’ – not much smiling going on here.

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@cprevite That’s the same thing I get. Even if I think I am smiling.

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Smiling and laughing is better than the alternative of crying and frowning! be happy!

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I inherited deep lines from my nose down around my mouth, which I was once told makes me sometimes appear to be frowning. That’s one of the reasons I grew a beard years ago (which evolved over time to a goatee), but then I just looked like a frowning guy with a goatee. So I started compensating by trying to smile a lot. But then I noticed in the mirror one day what I thought was a genuine smile looked phony. So now I just try to be friendly and not worry about how my face looks. I especially try to smile at little kids, and am always stunned when they smile back. (Do parents teach kids today not to smile at strangers?)

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@mrentropy: Exactly. I’ll even think I look happy and someone will say, “What’s wrong with you?” LOL.

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People are constantly telling me to smile more. I think I look naturally pissy-faced even when I’m happy.

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I smile a lot….until it hurts in my cheeks…..:)))

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No. I think i often look much more serious than what i actually feel. I don’t hold back on smiles though when i have reason to give one, or something makes me laugh.

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Well not always..I guess you may say my smile can be a bit of a signature, sometimes I smile to the point my cheeks actually ache :) OUCH!

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