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What has happened to Fluther since, Christmas?

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) August 28th, 2010

Some things look a little different, but the whole shebang looks alive and well. How’s it been going?

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There have been several changes in the past few months. I’ve only been here since May, but here are the blog posts for the changes I’ve seen. (Fluther Sections, Avatars and fluthers, and Fluther topics)

I’ve been enjoying Fluther these past few months. I got here right before the sections were changed and it’s been good (in my opinion) the whole time.

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Good to see you again Fred!

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I think at Christmas time there were just 3 staff members (Ben, Andrew, Timtrueman). They’ve added 2 more (Richardhenry and Augustlan).
We have a bunch of new mods (full list here). Katawagrey and I became mods in late April, and just a few days ago we had a new batch of mods added: Chels, Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard, MissAnthrope and SuperMouse.

The staff held 2 “Salons” (I still don’t understand the word choice), one in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco. You can see them mentioned on the blog.

They’ve created a “Federated Fluther” (blog post here). Effectively it puts Fluther on other sites, spreading our empire further.

I guess you noticed that instead of just being General and Meta questions, we now have Social questions, which have more lax policies on joking around/offtopic quips in threads, now General is for serious and helpful answers only.

Oh and I’m feelin’ just fine.

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Santa decorated the place just a bit when he was here last. ;)

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I can say with certainty we’ve got many more awesome improvements on the way. You should have seen the stuff Ben and I built on Friday.

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^ Tim is such a tease. Show us!~

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Well, I joined just before Christmas, so I’ve been watching the changes. It’s either way more active, our fluffing up my fluther has involved me in a lot more discussions. Other than that and the changes @Seaofclouds linked too, it’s still the same old Fluther with more jellies in the water.

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We got even more awesome. :D

Welcome back, Fred!

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Right said Fred.

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