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What do "manly men" carry their things in?

Asked by funkdaddy (17696points) August 28th, 2010

There are a couple of commercials on TV now making fun of the “man bag” in one way or another. Basically any satchel/messenger/carry-all is deemed too close to a purse for true men to carry. Wearing a backpack into the office or a meeting will get you asked when school starts. That just doesn’t leave the fashion conscious macho man with many options.

So what how do manly men transport their goodies? If John Wayne has a business meeting, how’s he get his laptop and notes there without being called a yellow bellied wuss? If Chuck Norris wants to pack a lunch, a change of clothes, and his nunchucks, how’s he carry all that around while riding his vespa?

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I see lots of guys with bags specfically designed for lap tops and they wear the straps across one shoulder with the bag on the opposite hip, kind of to the back. I like the look.

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Pockets, mostly. The big stuff goes in a backpack. I’ve never heard anyone drop the ”When does school start?” line in response to seeing a man wearing a backpack.

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My boyfriend uses a backpack whenever he has to transport something. When it’s his laptop, it’s usually a specific laptop bag.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with men carrying messenger bags or things like that. God knows I’ve seen women carrying bags large enough to fit your head into, so what’s wrong with carrying a bag if you need one?

It’s not like they can fit laptops into pockets.

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The most manly thing I can think of is probably a powder horn.

But for practical uses, you can’t beat a hard-shell leather briefcase. It carries anything a satchel would carry, including a laptop, files, books, and a collection of pens.

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Pshaw. I carry a messenger. Ladies.

I’ll echo pockets. Provided you can squeeze your gun in there as well.

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their saddle.

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Great ideas. For the record I have a messenger and a backpack and no problem using either.

The question was mostly from a humorous/theoretical angle. For example, after a couple beverages we came up with with the following manly means of transporting goods

- Saddle bags, when you get off the horse, put them on your shoulder and mosey on
– A handkerchief tied to a stick, like old cartoon transient people
– a 5 gallon bucket


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@funkdaddy In kegs, after we have consumed the beer, of course. One keg under each arm is preferable. ~

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One of the rules of being a manly man is to practice minimalism. That’s why swiss army knives are awesome.

So the man rule is, if it can’t fit in your pockets, it doesn’t go with you.

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@Sarcasm Exactly. Before going on a hike, bike ride, or outdoor event, I count the items on me. I try to get it around 10, including two shoes, two socks, pants, underpants, t-shirt, wallet (contents don’t count), phone, and a water.

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Waist-things seem to be a hit, like items that come with a holster that attaches to the belt (cell phone, Swiss Army Knife), tool belts, ammunition belts. If they own a motorcycle, they have the Harley Davidson side satchels. If they have a truck, there’s usually one of those chests in the bed.

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That’s a ridiculous rule. You can’t fit firearms in your pocket!

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@Trillian Good call- the laptop bag is professional and masculine. I kind of have a thing for professional guys, so I dig a nice-looking guy in a suit who’s carrying one of these bags.

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Manly men carry their things in a bag made out of the flayed flesh of their enemies.

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Their ball sack.

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A tool box. (Me anyway).

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In their wives’ and girlfriends’ purses? No, of course not. In their pockets. All they need: Their keys, a pocket knife, their wallet, some change and that’s that. A manly man doesn’t need a lot of stuff. He can survive purely on his wits and brawn, though the wallet, keys and knife really help too.

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I’m waiting patiently for the day when men can use a purse without it being socially frowned upon.

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Also, do guys know this? Do they understand that a car is just a really big purse with wheels and an engine?

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are fanny packs still cool? lol where can i get one?... sounds nostalgic

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So I work on a farm, surrounded by “manly men” (of which, I am not) and the most common response to this question I would get from them is, “What’s a laptop?”

Keys on a belt hook, knife, wallet, handkerchief, nextel phone and/or walkie-talkie and their off in their tractor, pick up truck or eighteen-wheeler and good to go.

I have been told that “computers are for liberals who are afraid to work” by one particularly manly-man.

I do carry a bag, but strangely get a pass from the farmer types as it’s a camera bag and they apparently like the pretty pictures I takes of their produce.

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Real men do not put things in to a bag. We wrap the intestines of dead animals around them as straps that we sling things over our shoulders as we drag dead things behind us on the ground by antlers or the feet.

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@boots, move to Portland. You can carry a purse here. No one will even give you a second look.

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Briefcase, laptop case or gym bag if you work in an office. Backpack or pannier if on a bike.

Guys usually just carry keys, wallet, & phone, and possibly a handkerchief. Men’s clothes are designed to accommodate these things.

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I just carry whatever I need in whatever is handy. I don’t give a rat’s ass what others think. I don’t have to prove my masculinity to anyone.

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My wife occasionally kids me about my “murse”, but like @stranger_in_a_strange_land, I am secure enough in my masculinity to disregard the opinions of others when it comes to fashion.

Besides, if you need a pair of needle-nose pliers or a couple of feet of duct tape, I am more than likely to actually have it on me than most people. That is just how I roll. (You don’t drive the type of cars I drive without tools and duct tape.)

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This is my grandfather.

He carries a man purse and I can’t think of a single person who would fuck with him. He is just as capable of mentally destroying someone as he is doing it physically.

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Manly men carry their “things” in their woman’s vagina.~

Thanks folks, I’ll be here all week!

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The only things I carry with any regularity is my keys, phone, wallet, loose change and cigarettes, and a sudoku puzzle book & pen. All of these will fit in trousers & coat pockets. If I need extra carrying space, I use a small messenger bag or a backpack, depending on what I’m carrying and whether I need to be smart or not.

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@boots Ummmm. What? Not only was that not funny, it makes no logical sense. Aside from a tampon or a small amount of dope in a balloon, what do you imagine could be carried there? What woman do you think would go for such a thing? You do reallize that the vagina is attached to a living, breathing person with a mind of her own, correct?

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Ugh. @Trillian Its an admitedly bad joke. Totally facetious. Why so serious, anyways?! btw, the quotes around “things” were meant to imply the penis.

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