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How do you question the actions of a supposed hero?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) August 29th, 2010

How do you ask if anyone witnessed a possible crime if you believe you were the only one to notice it? If you happen to be at the river and some young tween gal falls into the water off an inner tube and was not a strong swimmer and started to drown. Bodies pour into the river to help her, a young 20something woman gets to her 1st and hauls her ashore. The woman says she is an off duty life guard and an EMT. When positioning the gal and repositioning her she places one arm in back of the gal’s shoulders but the other hand appears to go between the legs into the crotch, and when she is giving the gal mouth to mouth Ms. 20something appears to be fondling the younger gal’s breast. Seeing the 20something gals just saved the tween and appears to be the hero, Johnny on the spot, would you dare mention what it appears she was doing when no one else seem to have noticed in all the excitement but you? Or maybe it was the commotion that make what may not have happened appear to happen? But, what if it really did happen and you were the only one to see it? Do you say if it happened the tween girl won’t remember it anyhow and she is alive so lets be grateful with that? They say eye witness accounts are usually 40% wrong around about so if you saw that how could you be sure you were right? And if you can’t be 100% sure is it best not to say anything given no one would believe you because she just saved a life?

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Is this possible hypothermia hypothetical?

Either way…too many “may(s)” and “possible(s)” for my taste.

Unless the “eye witness” (you?) is 100% sure, I would not risk destroying someone else’s life with damaging accusations such as these.

And the fact that she is a “hero” is irrelevant to the equation.

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Thats kind crazy that someone saving a life could think about disgusting stuff like that in the midst of the adenalin.
i would not say anything. There is no proof.

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@jazmina88 I read a piece in a news paper of an EMT who used his position to handle women in an unprofessional way because as an EMT, he would in many cases have to touch them where they would normally not be touched by a man they were not involved with, in the course of treating them. No one in the “rush” or in pain and/or scared thought that it would or think such a thing could happening so, many who ended up victims were not sure they were victims because they were in crisis due to accident, etc. when he was doing it to them. People do crazy things.

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Oh, I’d make a fuss. Even if I was the only one to see it and if anyone touches a person like that as an EMT, that’s still considered assault. You can’t touch anyone without their consent and if they’re non responsive, you can’t touch them there. Even if I think I saw it, I’d say something.

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If you cannot be 100% sure of what you saw and were standing right beside the victim with firsthand knowledge of what was going on, and are proficient in lifesaving, then you should say nothing because your interpretation of the event is speculation.

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Do you really think the person who jumped in the river and hauled the victim, out is really thinking about molestation?
Instead of standing around criticizing, get off your butt and help position the victim so mouth to mouth or CPR can be done effectively. Call 911. Do something positive.

It’s as stupid as saying the fireman who dragged the woman out of the burning building using a cross chest carry was doing it to cop a feel.

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@worriedguy That was the jist of the debate, people who should not be thinking of those things at the time they thought it but did. I am sure in your area you have heard at least once of dentist groping or fondling females when under the laughthing gas or someother way not fully there. No one would think a dentist would be thinking of copping a feel in the midst of a root canal but it has happened and I am sure will again. People do crazy things. That is why some killer was able to keep human remains in his freezer, I am sure people visited that house and never suspected a human hand was laying next to the pork chops.

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